Monday, July 30, 2007

Dollar is Falling…very fast

An Empire is not forever… the greed accelerates their falling

USA is the country the highest debt in all the history of mankind, with a debt growing by $1.300 millions dollars a day

Weak point of USA empire is the DOLLAR ( Michael C. Ruppert).

Noam Chomsky: 9 of 10 dollars in the market are speculative and they don’t sustent on real wealth.

US gov reported $1.3 trillions in lost last year.

The fall of US Dollar is inminent, it is in their final days, the strategy of FED of printing and printing paper with no value is failing and impossible to avoid the break up, on 2007 US GDP only growth 0.0% and a inflation between 3 and 4% just because the high prices of Gas. Another sign of the inminent death is the Dollar Index a chart that shows how strongs is the dollar against other currencies, 100 is the best score now Dollars has a score of 83 when it reaches 80 the fall would occur…

USA style of Life of living from borrow money would be over, most of the world is not willing to continue giving money to a Death economy, the PetroDollar regime is also collapsing ‘cuz now Kuwait decided to stop using only dollars and diversify their currencies basket

4 countries (China, Japón, European Union (UE) and RUSSIA) have together $2.9 trillions of dollars, of that 66% US Dollars and 25% Euros, if they suddenly decide to change all or most of the Dollars they would put the last nails in the Dollar.

The people that would suffer more is the middle classes of USA, ‘cuz their goverment is more focus on Big Multinationals so they pay less Taxes like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs that are playing big big buck on fast investments and get HUGE return at the expenses of consumers, but the big winner of BUSH “play” is MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX they have never get tons of money in all their history.

Another sign that Dollar is falling is the sky high prices of Gold, if Dollar falls these precious metal could reach $1000 dollars per ounce and silver $20.

U.S. Dollar Value of Some Foreign Currencies

June 1, 2002

June 1, 2007










The Euro Surpasses the Dollar
Banknotes in circulation (value in billions)




December 2003



December 2004



December 2005



December 2006



March 2007



(Newsweek Magazine)

The Fall of the empire could be by this 3 signs:

Oil Peak production between 2008 and 2016 cuz the OIL is the life and blood of the “American” Way of life, and since Nixon take out the Bretton Woods the Dollar is a parasite of that energetic

US Mega Debt

And the end of the Dollar hegemony


It’s Official: The Crash of the U.S. Economy has begun

USA Today: US government hiding trillions in debt

No lloren por el dólar


Reloj de la Deuda USA

World Money Reserves

The U.S. dollar is sinking

Saturday, July 28, 2007

US Nukes On Europe

The USA today is the only country with Nuclear weapons (NUKES) deployed outside their country, but they always tell EH we use them as part of NATO rules, during Cold War there were as much as 7000 Strategica B-61 and other types of Nukes on europe, today they are aprox 480, the last Nukes were moved away from Germany.

USA has nukes on
Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey and the UK.

But why US still have Nukes there if the Cold War is over, most of the Europeans want that foreign weapons out of their countries but their goverment seems to agree with all the ORDERS from the Empire.


Blix calls for removal of US nuclear weapons from Europe

US Nukes in Europe: NATO HQ blocked by protest

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

DOD - Pentagon BUDGET

How much USA spend on its Military Industrial Complex and killing machines...opps I mean democracy and liberty machines

USA Military Budget (millions of dollars)

Department of Defense DOD: $499.400

Deparment of Energy (NUKES): $16.600

State Department (Military aid to foreign countries): $25.300

Veterans and wounded soldiers: $69.800

Internal security : $69.100

Department of Justice (1/3 to FBI): $1.900

Departamento del Tesoro (jubilaciones militares): $38.500

NASA (Spy satellites and launching): $7.600

Interest generated by old Wars from 1916 until today: $206.700

Grand Total of $934,900 mil millons of dollars nearly $1 trillón if u include Black operations and other dirty laundry from the Empire.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Ron Paul a US senator and a very well known economist tell everything u want to know about why the US dollar is falling and ending his hegemony in the world.

The first reason inflating their money, US treaty with saudi Arabia so the Oil would be sell in US Dollars


Speech here (text)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Russia submarine Forces Today

Russia lost most of his fleet by the collapse of the Soviet Union but even now it represent a formidable adversary today they have 4 types of submarines ready to defend the Mother Land:

Project 667 KALMAR and DELFIN, each one with 16 SLBM with independent warheards (MIRV), they have been updated with the latest Russian tech, more precise and deadly warheads, Sonars and safeguards for their nuclear reactors.

Project 941 Oscar Class II (Kursk was of these class), their main objective was to attack Aircraft carrier groups with high precision missiles GRANIT (they carry 24 of them) these weapons are very fast reaching a speed of Mach 2.25, they can evade defense and prioritize their objectives so they can destroy any target in a matter of minutes, they can also carry Nukes of 550 kilotons.

Project 971 AKULA (SHARK in Russian) the most deadly and quietly sub in the fleet, the latest was launched on 2001 named GEPARD, their shape was thank to studies of sea animals like sharks, whales, etc.

Project 941 TYPHOON, the most biggest Boomers of the worlds they can carry 20 SLBM SS-N-20, they are 6 of them.

And the new “toy” of the Army is Yuri Dolgoruki (Project 955) first boat launched on april 15 2007, and other 3 are under construction they are going to use SLBM Bulava R-30 (brother of Topol M) and they are also capable of evading any ABM.

But there are other great project awaiting that is the Project 855 would be also very quiet Boomer and most modern in the Russian NAVY very similar to SEA Wolf of USA Navy.

Successful test of BULAVA


Picture of Yuri Dolgoruki

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Steve Jobs & Bill Gates interview

YES they were together in the Wall Street journal conference about Techology and the new digital World, its a very nice interview sometimes funny must watch it!!!!

watch here

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

World Nuclear Powers

Many organizations says that we live in a world with nearly 13.000 Nuclear warheads in Red alert or in stocks with a power of 5.000 megatons.

First country of getting Nuclear weapons was USA in 1945 to defeat JAPAN in the Second World War, then USSR in 1953 and then all the permanent members of Security council of UN. Israel also got Nukes with the assistant of USA just because the environment in the region is to dangerous, then India & Pakistan and the most recent member of the nuke club North Korea…and of course maybe IRAN that it has been developing a Nuclear program since the Islamic revolution. In 80’s Irak was working on a Nuke Program but it was destroy by Israel Air Force.

USA & Russia began destroying most of their Nukes after treaties like START I and START II, most recent treaty was SORT singed by Bush and Putin with propose of having “only” 1700 and 2200 aprox nuclear warhead by year 2012.

Nuclear warheards by country:

USA has 534 ICBMs Minuteman III and Peacekeeper; 432 SLBM (trident II D5) launch from Ohio subs, 200 B-52 bombers and 16 “Stealth” B2 Bombers. Between 5000 and 10,000 nukes

Minuteman USA ICBM on Silo


RUSSIA, even that most of his ICBMs are too old they are a formidable threat, it has 450 ICBMs (SS-18, SS-19, SS-24, SS-25 y SS-27), nearly 17 subs with 200 SLBMs (loaded on Delta III, Delta IV andTyphoon) and 20 Tu-160 Supersonic bombers. Operational Nukes are between 1,500 and 3500.

Misil RS-20 Dnepr


Has 64 SLBM/MRBM types M4B and M45 on their subs L'Inflexible and Triomphant, plus they also have an unknown number of Intermediate range missiles for their Mirage 2000N and RAFALE planes. They must have between 500 and 1000 nukes, 384 on Submarines.

United Kingdom (UK)

They have 4 submarines VANGUARD with 64 missiles (Trident II D5), plus some unkown number of short ranges nukes for their Tornado GR4, they must have aproxx 250 nukes.


Is the only nuclear state that is still denying having Nukes, by the end of 90’s USA intelligence estimate they have 75-130 nukes for their Aicrafts and missiles Jerico 1 and 2, but they must nearly 100-200 nukes today.

Popular Republic of China, this country has 24 ICBM type DF-5, and 24 MRBM/SLBM on XIA class subs, and some other tactical nukes, total 70 to 100 nukes. On the 90’s Chinese spy stole some vital info about W-88 Nuke compact warhead.

DF-31 Mobil ICBM

India, they must have 200 nukes on Missiles Prithvi and Agni (range of 2000 km), on 1998 they made a Nuclear Test and Pakistan made the same.


Estimate of 50 nukes deployed on Ghauri III, and some of them on aircrafts like A-5 FANTAN and Q-5 Nanchang.

North Korea

They made their Nuclear debut on October 2006, they have IRBM No Dong and Taepo DONG 1



Russia nuclear stockpiles

USA Nukes

Monday, July 16, 2007

USA strategy for the Destruction of RUSSIA

Since Cold War Era USA has try to weaken and contain his old enemy, but under the politicis of Zbigniew Brzezinski (Jimmy Carter assistant) the strategy turn more aggressive making the war of Afganistan (Russia Vietnam) in which most of the Islamics Guerrillas (talibans & Osama Bin Laden group) where backup by CIA with money and weapons to fight against the Soviets. Using others to get an objective that the way of working of Brzezinski and he doesn’t matter how many people die in the process, in a interview he told a reporter what is most important the destruction of a country or the dead of USSR.

Master strategy was to expand NATO to ex-Soviet states (Baltic) just to make a containment fence to control Russia.

In his book “Beetween two Ages” he said that there should a new way of Global power where Japan, European Union and USA take the power of the new World Order.

He was giving total support to Chechen rebels (Islamic Fanactics) where he propose a total independence from Russia and after that meeting the rebels attack Beslan School. Chechen are peons in his great plan they are only being used to prevent Russia from using the pipelines there, Ismalic terrorist in chechenya are being backup by US agencies.

RUSSIA needs to be consider again the EVIL EMPIRE so US would have free way to Contain and subordinate it from the world, also with that US would prevent Russia to reach and agreement with EU about Energy.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

USA Oil reserves MAP

I have been searching all INTERNET for a map like these one but didnt found it so here u have.

Just click on it to see a bigger size.

Friday, July 13, 2007

PENTAGON vs Peak Oil

On 1991 a US soldier consumed 4 gallons of oil per day now the consumed 16.

Pentagon is the world biggest consumer of Oil in the World

US forces must expand geographically and be more mobile and expeditionary so that they can be engaged in more theaters and prepared for expedient deployment anywhere in the world”

How much OIL DOD consumes on their wars let see 16 Gallons of Oil per day, Multiply this by 162,000 soldiers (Iraq), 24,000 in Afghanistan, and 30,000 on ships and bases in the Persian Area and you get aprox. 3.5 million gallons daily of oil in the Middle East “war” zone, in 1 year you get 1.3 billion gallons

Pentagon Oil consuming machines are:

As of September 30, 2005 the US Air Force had 5,986 aircraft in service.

At the beginning of 2006 the US Navy had 285 combat and support ships, and around 4,000 operational aircraft (planes and helicopters).

At the end of 2005, the US Army had a combat vehicle fleet of approximately 28,000 armored vehicles (tracked vehicles such as Abrams tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles). Besides those the Army and the Marine corps have tactical wheeled vehicles such as 140,000 High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles. The US Army has also over 4,000 combat helicopters and several hundred fixed wing aircraft.

Add all those also 187,493 fleet vehicles (passenger cars, busses, light trucks etc) the US Department of Defense (DOD) uses.


US Army Oil Pains

Energy Bulletin: Pentagon Vs Oil Peak

Michel Chossudovsky's: USA “War” On terror

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Murmansk Nuclear Soviet Artic

This port was used during the World War Two to supply weapons and materials to fight the NAZI enemy even that it has -45ºC during winter, after the war the port became the main base of Soviet Northern Fleet housing 170 nuclear submarines SSBN carrying ICBM that could decimate USA in a matter of hours, nowadays Russia only have 26 submarines ready for attack.

After the Cold War this place has become a graveyard of that mighty army, also became a place to dismantle the old subs, this is the place with most nuclear reactors in the world, the Red Navy throw away in Barents Sea & Kara nearly 12,000 m3 of nuclear waster there, that’s not all in Novaya Zemlya (New Earth) and Severnaya Zemlya Soviets sank 13 subs, 6 with their reactors and fuel inside just because it was impossible to use it again.

Akula in Port

US is giving Money to make the process faster (Nunn-Lugar treaty), but there are a lot of work to do, every Russian Submarine has 2 nuclear reactors and then lots of Radioactive Rods. Germany began helping with that problem with $300 millions of euros to build a sarcophagus in Sayda Bay.

Official data estimate that there are 248 nuclear reactors waiting for dismantle those contain 92 tons of Used nuclear fuel the decommissioning process generates 5000 tons of nuclear waste between metals and other circuits.

Typhoons at Port

In 2006 Russia planned to dismantle 16 submarines.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Putin Uncensored confenrence at G8

Today im gone post the complete link of the conference of Putin on G-8, the Western media didnt put any attention to publish the entire article so here u have it now, the Western media only care to depict Russia as the new enemy against the good will of Crazy Bush of putting more offensive weapons on Europe

the best joke was when a reporter ask putin about if NATO or USA would be in charge of the ABM he answer
did u know what was the phone of Hoenecker to moscow?
it was a phone without a microphone, but the receiver would be in Washigton

complete article here (english)

Monday, July 09, 2007

USA un Gigante Herido y Débil.

El Imperio USA tiene el ejercito mas poderoso del mundo pero su economia esta en proceso de una muerte anunciada, la economia esta quebrada su sistema industrial esta disperso por el mundo, y la mega deuda amenaza con romper el llamado "sueño americano"

read more | digg story

We're not from this Galaxy

Milky Way swallowing stars

Last week I was reading a shocking news about that scientist discover that the Solar system is a star from another galaxy (Saggitarius) and we were swallow by the huge gravitational forces of Milky Way, and that swallow process continue today very slowly.

Milky Way in the night sky

that is another reason that we saw the Milky way upside down in the night sky




Sunday, July 08, 2007


Since the arrival on 2000 of W Bush to the White House the US MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX has taken more power (and money) than ever, US Army in all its services has today nearly 1,389.000 million people serving, this new increase just because Bush Global War on TERROR.

Military no only has influence in the most upper levels of the government, now the also has power on MEDIA, they are now searching more free action inside USA, Posse Comitatus doesn’t allow that.

The main benefactor in BUSH government is Carlyle Group, they have liquid money of $14,000 millions of dollars, investments in all the world. That group was founded on 1987, manage by: Frank C. Carlucci (ex-Defense Secretary of Bush sr.), George Bush SR. (ex-US president), James Baker (ex-State Secretary of Bush sr.), John Major (ex-UK Prime Minister), John Malek (ex-campaign advisor of Bush jr.), Sami Barrma (CEO of Prime Comercial Bank ), what a gang eh??.

This group obtain more money for investments on UNITED DEFENSE INDUSTRIES INC. the main supplier of weapons. UDI has a some HUGE contracts with the government for $12,000 Millions of dollars since 9-11.

Military advisor are now supervising most of Hollywood Movies to highlight the honor of serving in the ARMY and also the emphasize the great of having weapons in puritan society that reject nudity on movies but says ITS ok a bloodshed on screen. But the main highlight of movies has to be the USA right of Saving the world and face the EVIL portray by Islamics or traitors that want to bring PAIN & DEATH to the Good USA.

What Eisenhower was afraid at the end of his presidency is true NOW, US new Government MILITARY COMPLEX, lot of corruption and nepotism but nobody do nothing.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

RUSSIA Energetic SuperPower


After the collapse of the Soviet Union (USSR), Russia was alone, defeated and humiliated, the leaders at that time (Yeltsin) has to accept the NATO expansion, corruptions during sales of natural resources to Oligarcs (Berezovsky, Khodorksky, etc.).. But history always makes turns and suddenly changes, now Russia is back like a FENIX and it’s in control of the biggest reserves of Gas, Oil and Coil of EUROASIA.

Russia is the KING of Natural GAS (reserves of 47 trillions of cubic meters) 27% of world gas reserves; it is the second Oil producer after Saudi Arabia with a production of 9.5 millions of barrels a day (oil reserves between 150 and 200 billions of barrels).

Since Vladimir Putin came to power he saw the ENERGETIC as a perfect tool on today world to recover all that was stolen by Oligarcs and give back Russia the SUPERPOWER status, the most important case was YUKOS of Jodorkovsky that was making frauds (tax) to the State and was planning to sell the whole company to US firms.


Rusia whats beneath them?

Russia comeback to the Caspian

Union of 3 for the GAS

Piratizacion de los Recursos Naturales de RUSIA

World energy 2006

EIA Russia Oil Production

CNN: Russia changes oilpipe routes

RIA: Gas Agreement between Russia, Kazajstán and Turkmenistán

Oil Production of 42 countries

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Russia doesnt want Iraq democracy

A nice video about G8 summit where Putin says bush: we dont the kind of democracy Iraq has now, and all the crowd laughs

Joe Liberman wants Iran blood

US BASES surrounding Iran (click on image for bigger size)

This past week on a CBS program these US Senator ask for an immediate attack on IRAN, he says that with Iran support more and more Irak people are killing the troops of US but he doesn’t have any proof of that. This senator has a strong support ($$$) of AIPAC and Isreael support office that is why the real causes of these senator to go to war are not clear.

IRAN nuclear Installations

This past June 8 Russia gave a green light to deliver the Nuclear Fuel to Busher Iran nuclear plant via Caspian Sea and being delivered on Bandar Anzili Port, maybe the fuel arrive the plan of june 11.

Liberman doesn’t know that Iran has the most lethal weapon every produced by the Soviet call SS-N-22 Sunburn (NATO codename) reaching a speed of Mach 3 its consider the most fastest antiship missile of the world, with a effective range of 250 km and capable of carrying a warhead of 705 pound (nuclear capable). This state of the art missile is capable evading the AEGIS system making elusive and violent maneuvers, after being lauch is nearly impossible to stop them so the US Navy ship are floating tombs.

If the US Navy lost ships the response of the Empire would be ruthless, with a result of high rocket price of Oil, but if they plan to invade Iran this would be the greatest mistake of Bush cuz the people of that country would be united to fight the Invader that want to take the spoils (oil).

Since Clinton presidency, Samuel Huntingon knew that most of the World sees USA as the worst danger for World Peace, and a TIME poll in Europe reveal that 85% of ppl believe that also, that is why most countries are searching for WMD to protect against an illegal attack like the one on Irak.


Senator Lieberman advocates military strike on Iran (video)

Cheny Pushing for attack on Iran

BBC US biggest global peace threat

Moscow Releases Nuclear Fuel for Iran’s Bushehr Reactor

TIME: USA biggest Threat to Peace: 85% of Europeans

Can you spell Sunburn missiles, Senator Joe Lieberman?

Moskit SS-N-22 (FACTS)