Monday, June 25, 2007


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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another US Carrier arrive on Persian Gulf

Last friday USS enterprise joined the US fleet sorrounding the Persian gulf, making plans for the attack that Dick Cheney has been planning long time ago...he promise on may that 4 carriers would be ready to the attack.

USS Stenis and Nimitz are already there making the largest aircraft and sea deploy of all times, Cheney wants to ignite the conflict puting lots of US Navy ships there so for Iran would quite easy to sink one of them so USA would be a victim with full right to NUKE Iran, those are the secret plans of the crazy Cheney...after the attack the Salvation army opps I mean Halliburton would be ready to reconstruct the country and Cheney would get some dollars of that...and some OIL of course

Israel IAF is also ready to attack the "EVIL" Iran making some exercises with their aircrafts, if these rogue country attack it would start a nuclear arm race on the region to have deterrence from attack of Israel or the US Empire.

Israel F-16

USA is pushing EU to cancel nearly $22 billions dollars in loans to Iran


Enterprise Joins Fleet Near Iran

ISRAEL IAF preparing for Iran strike

Saturday, June 23, 2007

CIA Dirty laundry

CIA Director Michael Hayden decided to made public nearly 30 years of CIA documents, that tell a lot of dark operation around the world, the most famous operation assanitation plot of Fidel Castro (maybe now they have a plan to kill Hugo Chavez), wiretaping and spionage of various citizens of USA.

He is releasing lots of documents so the "american citizens knows what has be done in their name". Most of the documents are very dirty but its the CIA history

Some things CIA made in the past:

CIA-funded testing of American citizens, "including reactions to certain drugs."

The "very productive" 1963 wiretapping of two columnists -- Robert Allen and Paul Scott -- whose conversations included talks with 12 senators and six congressmen.

Assassination plots of foreign leaders (Dominican Dictator), including Fidel Castro.


CIA to Air Decades of Its Dirty Laundry

CIA airs decades worth of spy documents

Friday, June 22, 2007

US munitions dumped at SEA

Today these topic appear again as one of the most popular at DIGG, it tells how the US Army has been dumping chemical weapons to the sea since 1946, the Army admit that secretly dumped 64 millions pounds of Nerve and mustard agents, 400,000 chemical filled bombs and 500 tons of radioactive materials.

They also did the same with Chemical weapons of Nazi Germany and Japanese but those were dumped in their seas.

MAP of US Dumping Areas (HQ map here)

On 1958 they sinked a ship off the coast of San Francisco that was filled with 301,000 mustard gas bombs.

1987: hundred of dolphis appear on Virginia and New Jersey with burns similar to mustard gas exposure.

This represent a real danger to sea life and human cuz maybe all the package present some corrosion and there maybe having leaks


All you want to know about US dumping site in the World

Munitions dumping at Sea

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

US Intelligence budget $60 billions

By some leak of information CIA released a Powerpoint presentation showing that on 2005, the 16 US intelligence office spend nearly $60 billions, and for the Fiscal Year 2008 they plan to spend $48 billions. How about that??
u can find original Powerpoint Presentation here

Top CIA Spy release important INFO

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Monday, June 18, 2007

China, Africa and OIL .(and USA)

Africa means 30% of Oil to Chinese big growing economy that also became the 2nd largest importer of Oil with 6.5 millions barrels a day, Chinese has a very effective way of getting the oil using their $1.3 trillions dollars reserves, they are giving lots of money to the continent and building lots of school, roads and other things to help this poor continent.

Last year China closed great contract with Nigeria (USA provider) to take control of 45% of a big Oil deposit, at the end of 2006 China give loans to Nigeria, Angola and Mozambique for $8,000 millions of Dollars, in contrast World Bank only gave $2,300 MOD, best of all is that Chinese loans doesn’t have special rules like open the market to USA or privatize this and this…

The conflict on Darfur is for Human rights and genocide incited by USA just to get OIL, they are giving tactical training and WEAPONS to Chad and Ethiopia to get Sudan cut in 2 states and they would control the Oil rich of course, with that conflict USA want full MILITARY access of UN so they can protect the Oil opps Innocent people from there; SUDAN has received $15,000 MOD from China and it gives them 8% Oil china needs.

AFRICA Oil & Gas Reserves, Here a bigger picture

On 2006 Chinese represents visit all the continent searching for Oil contract and secure the Oil Fountain that Africa represent today.

Controlling Darfur means having a US base to secure the Horn of Africa and the transit of most of the Oil, US company began exploring for Oil on the continent on 1970’s but they decide to abandon project cuz the Regional conflicts, now Chevron (back by Condi Rice) has a big pipeline of $3.6 billion dollars to transport 160,000 Barrels a day from Chad to the Atlantic ocean Refineries to be shipped to USA.


China and USA in New Cold War over Africa’s Oil Riches Darfur? It’s the Oil, Stupid...

Oil Production of 42 countries in the World

U.S. "imperialism" means new arms race: Putin

Sunday, June 17, 2007

MARS high res images

A new site with 1200 pictures of High resolution of MARS made by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter are available at these website:

check them lot of material of the RED Planet

Thursday, June 14, 2007


As soon as we close to Oil Peak between 2010 or 2015 we would be witness of more and more wars like IRAK (secure and control of Black GOLD), all the planet would be harmed by the search for ENERGY (life & blood of Capitalism), then most of the powerful States would take Fascist positions “obtain at any cost what they need” for their societies no matter the consequences.

During the last 60 years Oil Industry has manage to satisfy the soaring thirst of the World for Oil, World Oil demand was 15 millions of barrels a day on 1955 and now it’s 82 millions (2005), a growth of 450%. Because of China & India high economic growth the demand of Oil would continue growing. USA devour 7.500 millions of Barrels every year.

Today there 1.3 trillions of barrels of Oil in the World, CIA report of 2002.

Countries in decreasing order of oil consumption. (Barrels per day, as of 2003.)

United States














South Korea










Saudi Arabia


United Kingdom








That is why most of the World greatest economies are moving around the globe to secure reserves of 3rd world, an example is Caspian Sea where USA is backing up despotic Regimes in exchange of Oil, China is also buying reserves on Africa and Iran.

Although Black Gold would be depleted soon, there are other energy sources like GAS and Uranium (FINIT), that is why UN started to make a Global Forum to search for new sources of Energy that can help all the world and don’t endanger the ecosystem like today with Fossil fuels.


Black Gold TOP 10

End of Oil Could Fuel 'End of Civilization as We Know It'

Origin of Oil

World Oil Reserves

Oil Consumers by Country

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Puddles on MARS

Rover opportunity found what it appears puddles on MARS, this is a great discovery, 2 weeks ago NASA discover SILICA on the surface with that they prove Mars was a wattery planet. Later NASA retracted telling that water in Mars is imposible cuz the vaccum effect on the atmosphere and water can only last very short period of time.

The BLUE color in the picture is because an special algorith to descript the picture, blue means a smooth area.


Mars rover finds "puddles" on the planet's surface

Mars rover finds puddles on Mars?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Russia New Army by 2015

Since 2006 and the continue aggressive attack (verbal) by USA Russia unveiled a plan to replace nearly half of Army Hardware by 2015, and they would start spending nearly $200 billion dollars, money get by the high price of oil. They would buy 50 Topol M ICBM, 50 new bombers (maybe Tu-160), and 31 surface ships, and some 40 tank regiments.



The most important issue is the modernization of Russia ABM system now that the old treaty was break by USA, the military would begin a full research program for making true the new system S-400 far better that S-300, and light years away from Patriot PAC-3.

S-300 Missile Complex


They would start buying more BOREY class submarines and also some new satellites so the early warning system can be in shape like in Soviet Times. But the Russian Problems is not only HARDWARE the have a lack of good and qualify people (software) for the machinery.

Tu-160 bomber "White Swan"

Ivanov told that Russia Weapon factories can still produce State of the Art Weaponry, even that most of the industry was lost during the collapse of the Soviet Union. Today with that high Russia spend in the military the budget is 25 times less than the USA.

On May 28, Russia tested the latest version of TOPOL M call “RS-24” capable of carrying 10 warheads. An asymmetric response to Bush ABM on Europe.

RS-24 Launching




Putin and World Geopolitics

Friday, June 08, 2007

Mars Big HOLE

Another amazing discovery found on the RED PLANET, the state of the art space probe Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) found what it seems a big black hole on Mars of 330 feets near Arsia Mons one of the 4 volcanoes of the planet. It might be the place to found life on the planet cuz if u go more underground u found more heat.

Deep Hole Found on Mars

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

G-8 and Global Warming

Angela Merkel with NGO's and U2 Bono

This week would be the Anual meeting of G-8 now is the turn of Germany to be the host of this important meeting, the global scene has some turmoils like Irak War and the ABM shield on Europe that LOCO Cowboy Bush doesnt represent any danger to Russia.

German Cancellor Angela Merkel make the Global Warming and CO2 emission control a top priority in these meeting, cuz if the soaring trend of CO2 continue this century we will not have more Artic or Greenland ICE, those 2 regions holds 98% of the fresh water of Earth.

Mobs walking to G-8.

Girl Power!!! On Deutschland

USA and China produce 22% and 16% of CO2 emissions, these 2 countries are reluctant to apply any program to reduce their emission they only gave some ideas but nothing concrete about the problems.

Maybe W. Bush would said mm Global Warming is a threat to Democracy, CO2 Emissions is an idea of Osama and Al Qaeda, and China we'll make a system to cover opps control emission...

Bitte Lachen ;), Clowns armies against Polizei

Monday, June 04, 2007

ISRAEL Nuclear Rogue State


Even before Israel foundation they were a Terrorist state, taking the position we make this attack to end the British occupying forces, and then they continue this police now with the Palestine people, expelling them from their lands and destroying all they have, today they are building a big WALL to divide them and keep them away from cities.

DIMONA NUCLEAR PLANT Where Israel Nuke Bomb Born

Israel has always been a rogue state ignoring all UN resolutions nearly 46, always protected by USA, the last resolution was when they invaded Lebanon with the pretext: “we are searching for some soldiers that were kidnapped”, after his armies we’re defeated they withdraw from there. This state has total support of US NEOCONS, Israel destroy the stability of the region by obtaining NUCLEAR WEAPONS and no one was able to stop them, it is suppose today they have 200 nuclear warheads.

During the last months they have been using credits from USA to buy new weapons to be prepare for the attack against IRAN, they have been testing flight to Gibraltar in order to prepare for an attack like the one in 1982 against Irak nuclear reactor…but this time they are not against a weak force Iran has better Air defenses system capable of repel a strike of Jewish forces.


Negev Nuclear Research Center

Israel and weapons of mass destruction

Friday, June 01, 2007

Hitler Plan to Nuke New York

A very nice video history video, Nazi Germany was trying to get a Nuclear Bomb but they didnt got more time and money, and also the 3 teams to get the delivery plane were working against each other.

They also tell a lil' about Werner Von Braun (mastermind of Saturn V) trying to use the V-2 to make that task, but later he surrender to USA and start working there, and all his crimes for using slave force we're forgiven.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5