Wednesday, July 25, 2007

DOD - Pentagon BUDGET

How much USA spend on its Military Industrial Complex and killing machines...opps I mean democracy and liberty machines

USA Military Budget (millions of dollars)

Department of Defense DOD: $499.400

Deparment of Energy (NUKES): $16.600

State Department (Military aid to foreign countries): $25.300

Veterans and wounded soldiers: $69.800

Internal security : $69.100

Department of Justice (1/3 to FBI): $1.900

Departamento del Tesoro (jubilaciones militares): $38.500

NASA (Spy satellites and launching): $7.600

Interest generated by old Wars from 1916 until today: $206.700

Grand Total of $934,900 mil millons of dollars nearly $1 trillón if u include Black operations and other dirty laundry from the Empire.

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