Monday, July 16, 2007

USA strategy for the Destruction of RUSSIA

Since Cold War Era USA has try to weaken and contain his old enemy, but under the politicis of Zbigniew Brzezinski (Jimmy Carter assistant) the strategy turn more aggressive making the war of Afganistan (Russia Vietnam) in which most of the Islamics Guerrillas (talibans & Osama Bin Laden group) where backup by CIA with money and weapons to fight against the Soviets. Using others to get an objective that the way of working of Brzezinski and he doesn’t matter how many people die in the process, in a interview he told a reporter what is most important the destruction of a country or the dead of USSR.

Master strategy was to expand NATO to ex-Soviet states (Baltic) just to make a containment fence to control Russia.

In his book “Beetween two Ages” he said that there should a new way of Global power where Japan, European Union and USA take the power of the new World Order.

He was giving total support to Chechen rebels (Islamic Fanactics) where he propose a total independence from Russia and after that meeting the rebels attack Beslan School. Chechen are peons in his great plan they are only being used to prevent Russia from using the pipelines there, Ismalic terrorist in chechenya are being backup by US agencies.

RUSSIA needs to be consider again the EVIL EMPIRE so US would have free way to Contain and subordinate it from the world, also with that US would prevent Russia to reach and agreement with EU about Energy.

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