Friday, February 09, 2007

End of Dollar Hegemony

Since Bretton Woods the Gold stop backing World currencies (Dollar) and the OIL “Black GOLD” took that place (PetroDollars), US Made an agreement with most of the monarquies of the OPEP to pay for oil with dollars in exchange for protecting them against insurrections and foreign interventions, this system began trembling ‘cuz IRAK wanted EUROS for Oil exports sell using the UN program Oil for food… and now IRAN has a program to make an Oil Exchange Market (Kish International Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Bourse (KIOB) ), using only EUROS if they succeed it would be 3rd behind London and New York, the only country that is thinking in joining is Syria.

Even that US spend $3 trillions of Dollars since the invasion of IRAK that doesn’t matter because the US is using world funding to pay for it, PRINTING DOLLARS with any value. China, Japan and other countries Borrow USA $5.8 billion dollars per month buying US Treasure Bonds.

Graphic of US Debt

The real fear of Bush is not the Islamic Terrorism, is the end of Cheap Oil & End of Dollar Hegemony that’s why he would never order the withdraw of US troops from Irak and it would make it a permanent Base to threat the Arab World if they want to turn to Euro. On March 23, 2006 Federal Reserve stop publishing M3 indicator that tells how many dollars are in the world with that the Reserve can continue printing dollars to flood the markets, with the only inflate the value of dollars a lot.

If more Arab countries continue to shift to Euro that lil’ change would make Dollar (Dollar is only back by Military power now) loose confidence in world markets and all the Paper without any value would return to US making a massive inflation there. Last year was going to happen something like that when China Main Bank want to shift most of his reserves to Euro but it decide not to do it.

USA doesn’t have to invade all IRAN it only need to secure Ormuz region (where most of oil flows to Europe and Asia) and also invading & securing Khuzestan near Irak having probed reserves of 26 billions of barrels. Iran has nearly 132 billions of Barrels, 10% of world oil reserves, if USA capture those reserve it would force China & India to continue buying Oil with dollars


  • Russia has reserves of $402,000 millions of Dollars of that 50% is in Euros other Oil countries are following that path in their Foreign reserves. Every year Russia add $170 billions to Reserve and Oil Stabilization Fund.

  • Because of Cheney statements against Russia is working in putting online his Oil & Gas Stock Exchange

  • Asia Main Bank (ADB) with 64 countries alert all members about a possible collapse of Dollar

  • Many countries has begun understanding that the Weak point of US EMPIRE is the DOLLAR

  • Today the USA has a HUGE déficit of $805,000 millions of Dollars, a public debt of $424,000 millions of Dollars and Private debt of reach 90% of GNP, all that makes a Grand total of $38 billions nearly World GNP. The interest for all that debt is $300,000 millions annually. That doesn’t include adventures of Bush in Irak & Afghanistan
  • Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and George Soros, began to put their Huge Fortunes in Gold and Silver



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