Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Maybe someone remember movie “Enemy of the State” with Will Smith about a network of NSA (NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY) that listen everything in the US and the world…well that’s TRUE, that’s why the US oppose 2 put more backbones in other parts of the worlds cuz it would be a lil’ difficult to intercept

ECHELON was build to intercept all comunications behind the IRON WALL of the Soviet Union it has “ears” in England, Australia and other parts of Latin America, the netword is located in Fort Meade in a facility of 183,000 square feets their computers are able to search keyword like Terrorism, complot. And other things that affect US interest, capable of intercept 3000 millions of communications daily

Now the NSA is installing the status a program call CARNIVORE it suppose to intercept information of only suspect but it acts like a SPYWARE installing the computers that use a certain ISP and send all information back to the NSA or FBI

UE has found that some US companies has been using special information obtain via ECHELON, that’s why in 2002 they decide to invest more money in secure communications.