Thursday, March 29, 2007

Attack on IRAN APRIL

Some Russian News agency has been saying that the attack agains IRAN should come on the first week of april (RIA NOVOSTI), just because it's a special religious day of Islamic culture, and also Russian Military intelligence has been spotting with satellites a large build up of troops and ABM systems along the border of Iran.

Also US fifth fleet is making some "exercises" all this week, also some British troops were captured while invading Iranian waters so the WAR GAME of Bush is coming.

The military action agains Iran would be very hard 4 USA 'cuz now the have TOR M-1 missile system capable of shutdown a Tomahawk or other aircraft of USA, so the would not go without any casualty. Iran is capable of giving weapons to more than 1,000.000 people with some military training, and also their people has a strong patriotic feeling capable of facing an invading force only interested on OIL.

Aircraft carrier group on Persian Waters


News about possible USA Attack

What is US. Navy strategy against anti-ship missile threat from Iran?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gold best than Dollar

Now that the Dollar is in Free Fall and USA government is doing NOTHING to stop that, many governments like Germany & China are buying more & more Gold to protect their foreign Reserves, that means that the US DOLLAR is going to loose status as World International Trade Money, in the last 2 years dollar loose 25% of value against EURO.

USA is facing another DANGER countries like Russia, China, Saudi Arabia are buying more US Treasury Bonds, that’s a danger because that countries can use it as geopolitic weapon against the unilateral power of the US.

Lots of Multimillionaires (Gates, Warren Buffet) are buying more and more GOLD to protect their fortunes against the free fall of the Dollar

Gold price was for months at $643 per onze and it would begin rising.

In 1920 with $20 dollars worth 1 onze of gold, today $600 dollars worth 1 onze of gold.

For more information and links about the DOLLAR FALLING check my other post, End of Dollar HegemonY.





Sunday, March 25, 2007


Russia and Iran has been promoting the creation of a new Organization to manage a Gas Cartel with the 5 biggest producers (Russia 25% of Gas reserves, Iran, venezuela, Qatar and Nigeria), even NATO launched a report fearing the creation of that new OPEC, cuz that means Russia can blackmail Europe (Russia supplies them with 24% of Gas).

But the Real fear is that the cartel can start asking for payment with Euros or other hard currency, so the DOLLAR would start loosing more value.


Nato fears Russian plans for ‘gas Opec’

5 countries to launch Gas OPEC on april 2007


Monday, March 19, 2007

XXI century Great Game

During XIX century 2 great empires (British & Zarist Russia) where fighting for the dominance of Central Asia Region (from turkey to India) and this was call “Great Game”, now this region is a key element because of all Gas & Oil reserves, making it a battlefield of USA, Russia, and China. Even that Russia lost most of its influence in the region (4 million of kilometers2 and 50 millions of people) with the breakdown of USSR, now Russia under the leadership of Comrade Putin all the country has been rebuild and retaken most of the power lost and its rightful place.

Azerbaijan Oil lake.

Dick Cheney has been traveling on Kazakhastan (2006) and other neighbors to secure those oil reserves and offer US “help”, Cheney has also been talking against Russia saying that “Russia is using all his Energetic reserves blackmailing the entire region and intimidating”.

Many of the countries in that region are autocratic and all the presidents has been there since the fall of the Soviet Union (15 years ago), USA doesn’t care that they don’t have any democracy they only want to secure Oil for their American Way of Life.

Shangai Cooperation Organization (SCO) was created in 1991 by China, Russia, Kazakhastan, Uzbekistán, Kirgystan y Tadjikistan to secure the interest in the region one of their best movements was to expel US from a base in Uzbekistán used in the war against Taliban.

USA consider that organization a bad influence to the region because it invites most of the members to China and show them: "Look I have a communist government and autoritary and my economy is open and everything is ALL RIGHT", Kazakhastan is a great example the president there give money and some state contracts only to his family but even with that he has made the country grow more than 9.1% last year, this country in the past was a Soviet Gulag and nuclear dump and test site.


· Caspian region has between 17,000 and 44,000 millions of barrels but in all Great Game region it might be 80 and 150 mil millions of barrels

· SCO continue getting more influence inviting India and Pakistan and Iran as observer

· Russian Oil Export are 15.2% of world oil with reserves of 68,000 millions of barrels and nearly 25.8% of World Gas

· For 2010 the region could give 5% to World oil production.

Caspian Sea Oil Data

Russia Reinvented Empire

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Water In Mars South Pole

The European Space Agency (ESA) has discovered a Huge WATER deposit in the South Pole of Mars using some special Radar aboard Mars Express, this huge deposit can cover the planet with at least 36 feets (10.97 meters) of water, the deposit is cover by white frozen dioxide carbon, the area is the size of TEXAS.

Another Radar image of Mars south pole

The best place for searching of life in the planet would be the Poles, maybe they can find some life like the one find beneath the Polar Caps melting here on Earth


Immense ice deposits found at south pole of Mars - Yahoo! News

Underground Plumbing System Discovered on Mars


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Water in TITAN

This one came just moments ago, NASA has discover a large sea of Water in Titan, first they believe there only METHANE and Nytrogen but this radar image show a big ocean like Caspian SEA.

Water in TITAN

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Baikonur World Biggest Spaceport

This place is where humanity began their Space Conquest, is located in Kazajastan with an extension of 5500 km2, their original porpoise was to test ICBM´s.

Years later it became the main Space Base of Soviet Union Space Program, nowadays is the place where all Soyuz capsules are launch to ISS (International Space Station). After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia began paying RENT for using the place.

Launch of Vostok from Baikonur

This center can launch different types of rockets like Proton-K, Rokot, Soyuz-U, Molniya-M, Tsyklon-2, y Zenit, it has 8 launching platforms.

This launching center also have:

Oxygen and Nitrogen Production plant,

2 airports

470 km of train railways

1281 km highways

6610 km communications lines

360 km of pipelines

Nowadays French & USA companies are investing lots of money to update Space port for operations to ISS and launching new types of satellites

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Today I was reading this news at yahoo, Russia is capable of Destroying the new Planned Us shield on Poland & Czech republic with electronic countermesaures or aircraft like the state of the art Tu-160 supersonic bomber, USA said that this new shield is to protect Europe from Rogue states like Iran, North Korea, others... but they are years away from developing this kind of missiles.

Russia capable of hitting US missile shield: general - Yahoo! News

ABM on Europe and the camel nose

Thursday, March 01, 2007


President Lula from Brazil has a new plan to “sell” the Amazons Jungle to enterprises, Brazil is going to put in public sell nearly 5.000.000 Km2 and could be exploted for “only” 40 years, main reason for doing that is that most of the land is being taken illegally by people. Brazil is going to get lots of money for sustainable exploit of the jungle and maybe they can discover some new natural medicines, the project is base in terms like Sustainable, protection of biodiversity and the protection of woods.

AMAZONS facts (EARTH lung)

Jungle is on 9 countries and reaches 9.000.000 km2

Even today it has a lot of uncategorized animals and 2.5 millions of insects

1 square kilometers of jungle has 75,000 types of trees and 150.000 different plants

This jungle lost nearly 19.000 km2 every year