Wednesday, July 18, 2007

World Nuclear Powers

Many organizations says that we live in a world with nearly 13.000 Nuclear warheads in Red alert or in stocks with a power of 5.000 megatons.

First country of getting Nuclear weapons was USA in 1945 to defeat JAPAN in the Second World War, then USSR in 1953 and then all the permanent members of Security council of UN. Israel also got Nukes with the assistant of USA just because the environment in the region is to dangerous, then India & Pakistan and the most recent member of the nuke club North Korea…and of course maybe IRAN that it has been developing a Nuclear program since the Islamic revolution. In 80’s Irak was working on a Nuke Program but it was destroy by Israel Air Force.

USA & Russia began destroying most of their Nukes after treaties like START I and START II, most recent treaty was SORT singed by Bush and Putin with propose of having “only” 1700 and 2200 aprox nuclear warhead by year 2012.

Nuclear warheards by country:

USA has 534 ICBMs Minuteman III and Peacekeeper; 432 SLBM (trident II D5) launch from Ohio subs, 200 B-52 bombers and 16 “Stealth” B2 Bombers. Between 5000 and 10,000 nukes

Minuteman USA ICBM on Silo


RUSSIA, even that most of his ICBMs are too old they are a formidable threat, it has 450 ICBMs (SS-18, SS-19, SS-24, SS-25 y SS-27), nearly 17 subs with 200 SLBMs (loaded on Delta III, Delta IV andTyphoon) and 20 Tu-160 Supersonic bombers. Operational Nukes are between 1,500 and 3500.

Misil RS-20 Dnepr


Has 64 SLBM/MRBM types M4B and M45 on their subs L'Inflexible and Triomphant, plus they also have an unknown number of Intermediate range missiles for their Mirage 2000N and RAFALE planes. They must have between 500 and 1000 nukes, 384 on Submarines.

United Kingdom (UK)

They have 4 submarines VANGUARD with 64 missiles (Trident II D5), plus some unkown number of short ranges nukes for their Tornado GR4, they must have aproxx 250 nukes.


Is the only nuclear state that is still denying having Nukes, by the end of 90’s USA intelligence estimate they have 75-130 nukes for their Aicrafts and missiles Jerico 1 and 2, but they must nearly 100-200 nukes today.

Popular Republic of China, this country has 24 ICBM type DF-5, and 24 MRBM/SLBM on XIA class subs, and some other tactical nukes, total 70 to 100 nukes. On the 90’s Chinese spy stole some vital info about W-88 Nuke compact warhead.

DF-31 Mobil ICBM

India, they must have 200 nukes on Missiles Prithvi and Agni (range of 2000 km), on 1998 they made a Nuclear Test and Pakistan made the same.


Estimate of 50 nukes deployed on Ghauri III, and some of them on aircrafts like A-5 FANTAN and Q-5 Nanchang.

North Korea

They made their Nuclear debut on October 2006, they have IRBM No Dong and Taepo DONG 1



Russia nuclear stockpiles

USA Nukes

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