Saturday, September 23, 2006


It has been 3 months since Russia threat to cut the Gas supply 2 Ukraine and actually he did, here in Europe all newspapers and TV are still talking about it, cuz Russia supplies Europe nearly ¼ of that energetic.
Lots of Newspapers and editorials are saying how the Comrade PUTIN is trying 2 recover all the lost power of the SOVIET UNION, that’s why since he took the presidency he began nationalization of Oil & Gas companies like YUKOS & Gazprom, but he is still letting private investing in some sectors.. But for sure the STATE is taking control of the economy like in the old days of CCCP (USSR) but this time with SOME market economy like CHINA.

Now Russia is building a Gas Pipeline that would go direct to Germany using the Baltic so that means the country would not have 2 pay the TAX 4 using the pipeline in Ukraine. Because big revenues of high oil price during the whole year the country has enough money to invest in that kind of projects and manage to maintain an economy growth of 6% per year
Now to squash the governments trying to get close to the West Russia doesn’t have to use the Tanks now it close the pipeline