Thursday, July 12, 2007

Murmansk Nuclear Soviet Artic

This port was used during the World War Two to supply weapons and materials to fight the NAZI enemy even that it has -45ºC during winter, after the war the port became the main base of Soviet Northern Fleet housing 170 nuclear submarines SSBN carrying ICBM that could decimate USA in a matter of hours, nowadays Russia only have 26 submarines ready for attack.

After the Cold War this place has become a graveyard of that mighty army, also became a place to dismantle the old subs, this is the place with most nuclear reactors in the world, the Red Navy throw away in Barents Sea & Kara nearly 12,000 m3 of nuclear waster there, that’s not all in Novaya Zemlya (New Earth) and Severnaya Zemlya Soviets sank 13 subs, 6 with their reactors and fuel inside just because it was impossible to use it again.

Akula in Port

US is giving Money to make the process faster (Nunn-Lugar treaty), but there are a lot of work to do, every Russian Submarine has 2 nuclear reactors and then lots of Radioactive Rods. Germany began helping with that problem with $300 millions of euros to build a sarcophagus in Sayda Bay.

Official data estimate that there are 248 nuclear reactors waiting for dismantle those contain 92 tons of Used nuclear fuel the decommissioning process generates 5000 tons of nuclear waste between metals and other circuits.

Typhoons at Port

In 2006 Russia planned to dismantle 16 submarines.

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