Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Joe Liberman wants Iran blood

US BASES surrounding Iran (click on image for bigger size)

This past week on a CBS program these US Senator ask for an immediate attack on IRAN, he says that with Iran support more and more Irak people are killing the troops of US but he doesn’t have any proof of that. This senator has a strong support ($$$) of AIPAC and Isreael support office that is why the real causes of these senator to go to war are not clear.

IRAN nuclear Installations

This past June 8 Russia gave a green light to deliver the Nuclear Fuel to Busher Iran nuclear plant via Caspian Sea and being delivered on Bandar Anzili Port, maybe the fuel arrive the plan of june 11.

Liberman doesn’t know that Iran has the most lethal weapon every produced by the Soviet call SS-N-22 Sunburn (NATO codename) reaching a speed of Mach 3 its consider the most fastest antiship missile of the world, with a effective range of 250 km and capable of carrying a warhead of 705 pound (nuclear capable). This state of the art missile is capable evading the AEGIS system making elusive and violent maneuvers, after being lauch is nearly impossible to stop them so the US Navy ship are floating tombs.

If the US Navy lost ships the response of the Empire would be ruthless, with a result of high rocket price of Oil, but if they plan to invade Iran this would be the greatest mistake of Bush cuz the people of that country would be united to fight the Invader that want to take the spoils (oil).

Since Clinton presidency, Samuel Huntingon knew that most of the World sees USA as the worst danger for World Peace, and a TIME poll in Europe reveal that 85% of ppl believe that also, that is why most countries are searching for WMD to protect against an illegal attack like the one on Irak.


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Can you spell Sunburn missiles, Senator Joe Lieberman?

Moskit SS-N-22 (FACTS)

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