Sunday, July 08, 2007


Since the arrival on 2000 of W Bush to the White House the US MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX has taken more power (and money) than ever, US Army in all its services has today nearly 1,389.000 million people serving, this new increase just because Bush Global War on TERROR.

Military no only has influence in the most upper levels of the government, now the also has power on MEDIA, they are now searching more free action inside USA, Posse Comitatus doesn’t allow that.

The main benefactor in BUSH government is Carlyle Group, they have liquid money of $14,000 millions of dollars, investments in all the world. That group was founded on 1987, manage by: Frank C. Carlucci (ex-Defense Secretary of Bush sr.), George Bush SR. (ex-US president), James Baker (ex-State Secretary of Bush sr.), John Major (ex-UK Prime Minister), John Malek (ex-campaign advisor of Bush jr.), Sami Barrma (CEO of Prime Comercial Bank ), what a gang eh??.

This group obtain more money for investments on UNITED DEFENSE INDUSTRIES INC. the main supplier of weapons. UDI has a some HUGE contracts with the government for $12,000 Millions of dollars since 9-11.

Military advisor are now supervising most of Hollywood Movies to highlight the honor of serving in the ARMY and also the emphasize the great of having weapons in puritan society that reject nudity on movies but says ITS ok a bloodshed on screen. But the main highlight of movies has to be the USA right of Saving the world and face the EVIL portray by Islamics or traitors that want to bring PAIN & DEATH to the Good USA.

What Eisenhower was afraid at the end of his presidency is true NOW, US new Government MILITARY COMPLEX, lot of corruption and nepotism but nobody do nothing.

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