Thursday, July 05, 2007

RUSSIA Energetic SuperPower


After the collapse of the Soviet Union (USSR), Russia was alone, defeated and humiliated, the leaders at that time (Yeltsin) has to accept the NATO expansion, corruptions during sales of natural resources to Oligarcs (Berezovsky, Khodorksky, etc.).. But history always makes turns and suddenly changes, now Russia is back like a FENIX and it’s in control of the biggest reserves of Gas, Oil and Coil of EUROASIA.

Russia is the KING of Natural GAS (reserves of 47 trillions of cubic meters) 27% of world gas reserves; it is the second Oil producer after Saudi Arabia with a production of 9.5 millions of barrels a day (oil reserves between 150 and 200 billions of barrels).

Since Vladimir Putin came to power he saw the ENERGETIC as a perfect tool on today world to recover all that was stolen by Oligarcs and give back Russia the SUPERPOWER status, the most important case was YUKOS of Jodorkovsky that was making frauds (tax) to the State and was planning to sell the whole company to US firms.


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