Monday, April 30, 2007


Just before Windows VISTA came out a lot of Information Technology expert says that the system sucks
and it has a lot of error (like all windows versions), and now Im reading that VISTA came with a lil' surprise from Microsoft it is call DRM (DIGITAL RIGHT MANAGEMENT) this are used to make sure what type of Multimedia the system is playing (videos, mp3, DVD, etc.), worst part of this is if u r making a HOME DVD artificily makes the system not to put the best quality, all of these is made with system memory so ur computer would be more slow.

The real porpouse of these is that Microsoft is trying to impose its Digital Format to Hollywood and make a bigger monopoly, with that it would be the King of Entertainment in the XXI century, first one of said about that was Steve Jobs (APPLE) with Itunes, nowadays he is control of most of the legal business of mp3. Hope someone make something about that and STOP MICROSOFT also I leave a nice Marketing PROMO of Microsoft to boost up VISTA.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Since Hugo Chavez took power (on a Fair election), he started to fulfill Fidel Castro dream to spread Socialism on Latin America, and to make an alliance to resist US Imperialism, and other organizations like IMF and World Bank (that bring lot of poverty and problems to the region).

Chavez gives cheap oil to his allies, help Argentina pay his big debt with IMF, but his big project is BANCO DEL SUR to help the continent with money and prevent further debts with IMF, and also his planning to built a big Oil Gas Pipeline to make a energetic alliance. This steps maybe the beginning of a big project of a Continent union Like European Union, like Simon Bolivar was dreaming.

Carter: Bush's presidency has been 'worst in history'

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Possible Habitable Planet FOUND

Today the European Space Agency revealed a shocking news, they found a Potentially habitable planet very close to Earth (20.5 Light Years) name of the new planet GL-581C near the orbit of a Red Dwarf (orbit every 13 days).

This new planet has a gravity 1.6 times of Earth, it's 1.5 times bigger than our planet, and 5 times heavier that Earth. Scientist still dont know if the new planet is rocky or a frozen ball, but they are sure that temperature is aroung 32º and 104ºC.


Potentially habitable planet found - Yahoo! News

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Space Stations first steps to Stars

After loosing the space with
USA, Soviets began Space Stations Program and they build ALMAZ (Diamond in Russian) with military purpose it was put in orbit 1971. That type of stations has short life periods but they were a success except the Soyuz 11 that lost all crew reentering earth, Soviet Union gain lots of experience, like keeping cosmonauts more time on space, long distance control of Soyuz.


USA also began exploring Space stations with Skylab in 1973 but with lots of problems since launching, their space panels was damage by meteorites and NASA lost interest, Skylab fall over Australia in 1979.


MIR (Peace in Russian) achieve lots of records and it was the most advance station, it was in orbit for nearly 13 years, the most important modules were Kvant, Kvant 2, Kristall, Spektr, Priroda, in that place Valery Polyakov achive a record of 437.7 days on space. MIR was abandon on may 23, 2001 it was crash against Pacific Ocean because Russia needed to put all their money and efforts on ISS, MIR was the home of 105 astronauts, 42 were cosmonauts (Russians) and 63 of different countries.

Now the biggest project is ISS (International Space Station) this project is manage by Russia, USA, ESA (European Space Agency) its 360 km beneath earth, circles the earth every 92 minutes and weights 183.282 Kilograms. Now the project faces a problem because NASA has to give more money to a program to Return to moon.

Friday, April 20, 2007


The “new seven sisters”, or the most influential energy companies from countries outside the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development OCDE, have been identified by the Financial Times Newspaper.

They are Saudi Aramco, Russia’s Gazprom, CNPC of China, NIOC of Iran, Venezuela’s PDVSA, Brazil’s Petrobras and Petronas of Malaysia.

They control almost one-third of the world’s oil and gas production and more than one-third of its total oil and gas reserves. In contrast, the old seven sisters – which shrank to four in the industry consolidation of the 1990s – produce about 10% of the world’s oil and gas and hold just 3% of reserves.

Even so, their integrated status – which means they sell not only oil and gas, but also gasoline, diesel and petrochemicals – push their revenues notably higher than those of the newcomers. This article also said what happen with PEMEX (Mexico) that lost most of their vertical integration and it’s dying because the Mexican government put lots of taxes on the company.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Yury Dolgoruky Russia NEW Sub

Last Sunday Sergei Ivanov launched the new Russian Submarine (4th Generation) at Severodinsk, this one is the most advanced Submarine yet in Russian Northern Fleet, it would be armed with R-30 Bulava SLBM (similar to TOPOL -M capable of evading ABM system).

This the first modern submarine launched since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Artist Illustration of BOREY CLASS

The submarine has a length of 170 meters (580 feet), a body diameter around 13 meters (42 feet), and a submerged speed of about 29 knots. It can carry up to 16 ballistic missiles.

Two other Borey-class nuclear submarines, the Alexander Nevsky and the Vladimir Monomakh, are currently under construction at the Sevmash plant.



Wednesday, April 11, 2007

World According Bush

Found these great documentary (MUST SEE!!!), about how the NEOCONS are only getting richer in US Presidency, and how the invasion of IRAK was already planned before 9-11, the only reason was money & oil they doesn't care about Weapons of Mass Destruction. Today Bush is the president with lowest approval rate in history.

And they tell how all W Bush decisions are influenced by Karl Rove, Wolfwitz and other NeoCONS, but the most important fact that Prescott Bush was helping NAZI regime with loans and other stuff, but the US Media didn't told that when FBI open the file about that


you can found more parts of the video here

Bush with lowest approval rate in history

Carter: Bush's presidency has been 'worst in history'

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Found this facts looking on Google Earth, NSA (National Security Agency) One of the largest facilities of its kind in the world, the 183,000-square-foot complex is located on a 25-acre site at the NSA (National Security Agency) Headquarters at Fort Meade. It's suppose they are in control of most of the KH-11 Spy Satellites.

The tightly secured complex features administrative offices, support areas, and 78,000 square-feet of raised flooring for data processing and supercomputer support.

The building required 10,000 cubic yards of building concrete and approximately one mile of high-voltage ductbank. The utilities serving the facility feature built-in redundancy and include a 13.8-KV underground electrical service with a total capacity of 29 million volt amperes.

The equipment installation consisted of three 2,000-ton chillers, two 1,000-ton chillers, and 7,000 linear feet of pipe. There is also a 500-kw emergency generator.