Thursday, May 31, 2007


Time ago I was reading a very interesting article on WSJ about new services to know more about what people do when u send an email, one service is DIDTHEYREADIT this one can tell the subscribers how much time a person spend reading ur email, where is reading it and if they are resending ur email, a similar service is READNOTIFY that give you a map to locate where is the person u send an email...

Well this all privacy is gone and maybe hackers can use this to achieve their goals, hope someone can make something but this kind of services

watch ur emails maybe they are locating u :P

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

RS-24 Missile Test and US ABM

On May 29, Russia tested their latest ICBM call "RS-24" capable of carrying 10 Nuclear Warheads (MIRV) with multiple objectives and also design to evade ABM, it was fired from Plesetsk Cosmodrome and hit a target 3400 miles away on Kamchatka Peninsula on the Pacific Ocean.

This new missile is an upgrade of the SS-27 (state of the art on ICBMs), also this new ICBM is tend to replace the old but still effective SS-18 (most powerful ICBM in the world) and SS-19.


RIA Novosti - Russia - Russia hits target in ICBM debut test

BBC NEWS | Russia tests long-range missile

Russian Official Boasts of New ICBM | World Latest | Guardian Unlimited

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

9-11 Revisited

A very good video about Strange things that happen in that tragic date, why the WTC tower 7 suddenly collapse when no Plane hit it, it was on fire but on the first floors, why all the debris from the main towers wasnt checked for clues or something and they were sent directly to furnace on ASIA!!!!

this a must see VIDEO

Watch here

Monday, May 28, 2007

Future Wars of USA

Even that USA is a military and economic Superpower his economic mighty continue to erode very fast, and his military power is disperse in all the World (Korea, Irak, Afganistan) and more than 130 countries between soldiers and military advisors.

US is still trying to make some small wars to weaken his closest Rivals (China – India), with India it can trigger a conflict with Pakistan for Cachemira and with China renegade Taiwan with a new president that want to give the island an Independent character, Bush says that if China invade it would make all necessary to protect it. But of course they don’t forget his old “enemy” Russia, the one that began to retake all the Power and influence lost at the collapse of the Soviet Union.

USA is making a containment strategy around Russia inviting ex soviet states members of NATO like the Baltic States, some US organization (NGO's) are only making new revolutions like the one on Ukraine to make puppet regimes that serve to Empire business and interest. Today that "Puppet" Regime of Ukraine is trying to station the Army on Kiev, and disolve the parlament.


USA Capitalist (Gangsters) Wars through the world

Friday, May 25, 2007

MP3 players why the battery is dead

The best gadget now I think is the MP3 PLAYER everyone is hanging out with one of these today and its very cool cuz it makes a trip more funny and u can take most of ur music in those lil’ gadgets.

Bad thing is the battery doesn’t have a good time life and sometimes u buy a BRAND (apple creative) just because it says NOW WITH LONG LIFE BATTERY, I was reading an article that the battery run out of power most of the times because special features like DSP (Digital Sound Processing), Display light, Volume level, and most of times the quality of the Mp3 (KBPS) if the mp3 has more quality it would take more power to decode it (a normal level is 128 kbps), and other factor that reduce the level of power is RANDOM PLAY.

If u have small mp3 player is better to buy rechargeable batteries u would spent less money and save


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Evidence of Water In Mars

NASA again discover more proofs about MARS watery past, Spirit Rover was making some tracks on the soild cuz one of his wheels doesnt function so it moves a lot of soil from there and NASA people decide to take a look and the took the last picture that shows SILICA in the presence of water, the material is 90% Silica.


NASA Rover Finds Surprising Evidence for Mars' Watery Past - Yahoo! News

MARS Rovers Special Report

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

BUSH Dictatorial power in case...

I cannt believe what Im reading in case of a catastrophic event like 9-11 Bush can have Powers like a Dictator bypassing Congress and the separations of powers, this was approved on May 9 2007, but no Media put that on news strange isn't it. Since 2001 Bush is the president with more powers in the history of USA.

Maybe he is plotting some Catastrophic event soon so he and his NEOCONS Mates can stay more year on White House.



National Security & Homeland Security Presidential Directive establishes "National Continuity Policy"

Monday, May 21, 2007


Since the end of 80’s and with the struggle of Arabian Oil Embargo, Jimmy Carter states his doctrine “under any mean necessary we must protect the flow of oil to the West (USA)”.

Then they created the CENTCOM Central Command that has direct control of all US forces on the Persian area.

This command World be in charge in any case of attack against IRAN and the protection of Ormuz strait. Carter Doctrine was extended to Caspian Sea by Clinton, nowadays Bush want to put that doctrine on the horn of Africa (Nigeria 5th source of oil for USA).

US troops deploy in Iraq and Afghanistan consumes daily an average of 16 gallons per day, that means 3.5 million of gallons daily on Irak and 3.5 millions daily for both armies and in 1 year the consume 1.3 billions gallons more than Bangladesh (150 million people) consume in a year.

By using the Army against any country USA always said “is for the sake of the World”, “they have WMD”, “they oppose a thereat to neighbors”, but the main benefactor of all that actions is always USA (Military Complex)!!!, even if that means the lifes of young soldiers.


Now the Military spends 40% of every Dollar of Taxes in USA.

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737 Pentagon Bases in the World = US GLOBAL EMPIRE



The Trillion-Dollar Defense Budget Is Already Here

The Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex

Defense spending soars to highest levels since World War II

Friday, May 18, 2007

Antartica Cradle of Life

This month some scientist went to Antartica and discover a new oasis of life there they found nearly 600 new species, and now they are saying that possible that place was the cradle of life of all sea species.

This great place has been isolated for water for 40 millions years. Today is in great danger 'cuz Global Warming (old post about Artic).


Deep Sea alien Abode Discovered


California-Sized Area of Ice Melts in Antarctica

Top 10 Surprising Results of Global Warming

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Irak for SALE

A great Documentary video about how the PRIVATE CONTRACTORS (Halliburton 18.5 billions of dollars, Blackwater, Parsons) are gettings billions of dollars out of Irak just for services to the US Army. There are nearly 100,000 private contractors employees on Irak right now. All that companies close to the HAWKS that are now in the goverment, and nobody do anything.

but all these million dollars contract could not be achieve if u dont have contact with the right people in the govement, the most clear example of these is BLACKWATER a private company that gives protection services using mercenaries that have grown nearly 600%. And the worse is that the use torture on innocent people, ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY AND OIL.

ONE FACT Halliburton Stock price before Irak War $9.79, and now at the end of 2006 only $41.98 how about thaT?

other winning companies are TITAN (linguist) and CACI.

A Robert Greenwald film)

Carter: Bush's presidency has been 'worst in history'

Blackwater Mercenary army on IRAK

U.S. Embassy in Iraq to Be Biggest Ever

US GI are no long believers of VICTORY ON IRAQ

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Underground ICE On MARS

On May 2nd 2006, NASA put some great images of the spacecraft Mars Odyssey revealing some underground ICE on MARS, they were using Thermal Images so they made available this pictures which show large part of ICE.

With that DATA they are preparing to drill there with the ROVER that is going to be send on August, it would be called PHOENIX.



Phoenix Mission Webpage

Monday, May 14, 2007

Great Poverty in the world by Subsidies

Last year I was reading a very interesting article made by CEPAL about how the agriculture subsides made the Poor people more POOR, and how all the world would be better if they tear down all of them.

In the USA 25% of all Farms receive nearly 89% of subsidies money (Ted Turner and Rockefeller family), the subsidies has the effect to make the prices of products from other countries reduce and the farmers win less money, most of EU (Europe Union) budget goes to subsidies.

OCDE states that in the period of 1999-2001 all the subsidies in the 1st World were nearly $300,000 Millions of Dollars, and were spent in this way:

“European Union, 112.700 Millions of dollars; USA, 95.500 millions; Japan, 64.800 millions, other OCDE countries, 56.600 millions. The main beneficiaries’ products were MEAT (47.300 millions of dollars), Milk (42.100 millions), rice (26.400 millions), wheat (17.400 millions) and corn (12.900 millions).”

USA in 2005 spent in subsidies $23,000 millions of dollars directed to only 1% of the population, but 72% of the money is taken by only 10% of the “farmers”. Another example of this crazy spent of money is Japan they spent $4329 dollars per cow and EU $975.

Just for subsidies countries of the 3rd world lost $40,000 millions of dollars every year, Other thing that makes things worst are the Tolls when the products enter a 1st world country.

If subsidies were eradicated in all world, there would be earnings of $800,000 millions of dollars and the Industrialized Countries would take 40% of that cake, there would be a reductions of poor people aprox of 410 millions peoples.


Saturday, May 12, 2007


Today I found this videos on my favorite site, its a great documentary about the Ascension of Josef Stalin to power after Lenin death and how he manage to take most of the Soviet people in the efforts against the Fascist Nazi Invader on the Great Patriotic War.

So enjoy

Vol. 1: The Darkness Descends
Lenin dies and leaves behind a power struggle for the leadership of the Soviet empire. He also leaves a testament--a fatal warning against Stalin's ambition. Nevertheless, Stalin rises to power and begins his war against the Soviet people an assault on the peasantry and mysterious assassination of political rivals and on the eve of the war with Germany, his disastrous purge of the Red Army.
1st part
2nd part
3rd part
4th part
5th part

Vol. 2: The Hour Before Midnight
Hitler becomes ever more aggressive. In Spain, Fascism and Communism face each other for the first time, while the purges in the Soviet Union reach a crescendo. In foreign affairs, Stalin plans the most astounding about-face of the century. Hitler and Stalin become allies, and they invade and partition Poland between them.
1st part
2nd part
3rd part
4th part
5th part

Vol. 3: The Goths Ride East
The Germans invade the Soviet Union, leading to chaos and confusion as the Red Army falls back. Stalin, paralyzed by the shock, retreats to his dacha. Minsk, Kiev, and Smolensk fall. Stalin returns from hiding and signs the infamous Order 270, branding captured Soviet officers as traitors and committing their wives to forced labor. With the first snows, the Wehrmacht arrives at the gates of Moscow.
1st part
2nd part
3rd part
4th part
5th part

Vol. 4: Between Life and Death
The Germans are at the gates of Moscow. The winter closes in and starvation claims thousands of lives in the besieged city of Leningrad. The Red Army counterattacks on the Moscow front.
1st part
2nd part
3rd part
4th part
5th part

Vol. 5: The Fight From Within
During the war in the occupied Soviet Union, many oppressed Soviet citizens welcome Hitler, but their enthusiasm is short-lived as they discover his plans. The Partisan resistance begins without Stalin's support. Then, as he begins to accept the Partisans, he provides them with supplies.
1st part
2nd part
3rd part
4th part

Vol. 6: The Cauldron Boils
The Wehrmacht thrusts south toward the oil fields of the Caucasus. On pain of death, Stalin specifically prohibits any retreat on the battlefield. The formation of the infamous Penal Battalions starts and the battle for Stalingrad begins.
1st part
2nd part
3rd part
4th part
5th part

Vol. 7: The Citadel
During the spring stalemate, all eyes turn to Kursk. Soviet war production, now moved out of the reach of German bombers, increases dramatically. The Germans prepare to meet the Red Army on the plains of Kursk. This is the greatest tank battle in the history of warfare.
1st part
2nd part
3rd part
4th part
5th part

Vol. 8: False Dawn
1944 is the year of victories. After a 900-day siege, the Soviets finally liberate Leningrad. The Red Army pushes westward and beings to retake the territories occupied by the Germans for so long. Once again Stalin has plans for the people who suffer under the occupation.
1st part
2nd part
3rd part
4th part
5th part

Vol. 9: The Fall of the Swastika
Germany is now on the brink of defeat. As the Red Army approaches Berlin, Hitler mobilizes both young and old to defend the doomed city. With the fall of Berlin and the death of his old enemy. Stalin turns once again tot he control of his own people.
1st part
2nd part
3rd part
4th part

Vol. 10: The Cult of Personality
Russians praise Stalin for the victory he alone claims. As old age creeps up on him, Stalin's obsessive paranoia continues and he further persecutes his people. The threat of the atomic bomb block his plans for territorial expansion. The Cold War prevails. In 1953, Stalin dies.
1st part
2nd part
3rd part
4th part
5th part

Friday, May 11, 2007


Now that BTC Pipeline (Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan) is finish, this country take a very important place in the world, BTC is the world biggest pipeline with 1170 km, now the country can supply the markets with 1 million barrels a day (possible to reach 1.5 million by the end of 2007), and with a parallel pipeline they can send millions of cubic meters of Gas.


Even the highly conflictive region the return of investment worth it, Caspian Sea has aprox 200,000 millions of barrels.

This country is “manage” by Ilham Aliyev, that heir the power from his father after a black elections, but the US or Europe doesn’t care about that because they get what they want OIL and more OIL.



Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Victory DAY Parade

Today in Russia they celebrate Victory over Fascist with a great Military Parade, celebrating 62nd anniversary of the great Patriotic War.

It's very sad that countries like Estonia move monuments to Russian soldiers that liberate and die for those countries, they are trying to forget that history and prefer Fascist times when they were serving Wermacht against Russia.

TOVARICI PUTIN speech and Soviet union Athem

Russian Athem

Photos on yahoo about the Parade

World War II: The Decisive Role of the Russian People in defeating Nazi Germany


Monday, May 07, 2007

Space Tourism Soon

Since the year 2004 when Space ship ONE became the first civil ship to reach the space, some companies like VIRGIN GALATIC are planning to make the space more commercial and available for everybody, they are planning to send on 2008 the first 6 tourist to space for the price of $200,000 dollars, at a speed of MACH 3 and 6 G’ forces.

VIRGIN GALATIC, want to be the #1 in this business and they are making efforts to get $250 millions to build a fleet of 12 Space ship ONE, and to reduce the price of the trip to $20,000.

Diagram about the Journey of space Sphip ONE

Friday, May 04, 2007

Microsoft to BUY YAHOO

I was shock to read this news, Microsoft is in formal negotiation with Yahoo CEOs to make the biggest buy in Information Technology history, they plan to pay nearly $50 billions. The Urgency the need for beating Google cuz they continue growing in other sectors, they are planning to buy DOUBLE CLICK INC for nearly $3.1 billions.

If these became true they would possible start beating Google, it's crazy to fight agains Yahoo and Google, so the best strategy go and buy!!!

Ahead of the Bell: Microsoft, Yahoo -

Thursday, May 03, 2007

USA Military Power Today

Even that USA has military hegemony in all the World, his ABSOLUTE POWER is DENY, for the only reason that more countries are getting Nuclear Weapons (Iran, India, North Korea, Pakistan), even that USA spend $500,000 Million Dollars a year they are not protected at 100%, and this was show by the primitive attack of September 11 (9-11).

Just because the arrogance of USA government they are isolating more and more from the world, since they began ignoring UN resolutions; thing are getting worse because NEOCONS (Cheney, Rice, Wolfwitz) in the government only search for Oil and Profits and they don’t care how many people they have to eviscerate or countries to destroy just to get the MONEY. With all that mighty power they haven’t make peace and normal life on Irak and now they call them “VIETNAM 2” NO WIN SITUATION, the people of Irak want to end all the havoc bring by the invaders. US embassy in Irak is the biggest ever, that only means USA came to stay in Irak as long as they have OIL of course

Soldiers Admit: War is lost in Irak

Blackwater USA Mercenary ARMY on Iraq

Carter: Bush's presidency has been 'worst in history'

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Soviet Flag over Reichstag 1945

This year Russia Celebrates the 62 anniversary of Fall of the capital of 3rd REICH by Soviet Army, this was the toughest battles of all War, soldiers fight house by house to reach REICHSTAG and then German Cancillery where Hitles commited suicide like a coward.

General in charge of the operation was ZHUKOV & Koniev, they commanded an army of 2.5 millions of soldiers, 6250 tanks, 7500 aircrafts, 41.600 artillery cannons, 3255 Katyusha Rockets agains a fanatic resistence of Wermacht soldiers, Hitler Youths, Old mans from Volksstrum and soldiers from other Nazi Allies.

Stalin Organs "Katyusha Rockets" firing on Berlin

With that Russia ended a battle began in 1941 when NAZIS invaded their MOTHERLAND, Russia Lost 21,300,000 soldiers and civilians during the war.



Between 150 – 173’000 german soldiers were death or wounded

134,000 POW

152,000 civilians died during the battle

1997 vehicles lost

917 aircraft destroy


World War II: The Decisive Role of the Russian People in defeating Nazi Germany