Sunday, January 28, 2007


last Saturday January 26, lots of people gather in Washington D.C. to protest against the war Jane Fonda & Jesse Jackson was there, but the Media didnt gave lot of attention because in BUSH words Everything is all right in Irak and more soldiers there would bring peace and Oil would flow opps sorry I Mean Democracy would prevail...Now W Bush is preparing another War saying everybody IRAN IS EVIL AND ITS GETTING WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION we must stop him!!!!, but why he doesn't attack North Korea that has nuke and its no a democratic Country maybe because North Korea doesnt have any Oil for Halliburton there.

Protest against WAR

United for Peace

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Russia is BACK, The New World Order

Now that Russia has the 2nd biggest Money Reserves in the word just because the sky high oil Prices (Energetic Empire) it began paying all this debts with Paris Club (most of the debt from Soviet Times) and after the speech of Camarade Vladimir Putin about State of the Union he told that Russia would began a huge modernization of the Army to prevent other states forcing Russia to stop his interest, with that Russia will not began a new Arms Race like in Soviet Times it would invest in Innovation a clear example is the new ICBM SS-27 TOPOL (mobil) capable of evading any ABM system like the one US is developing, that missile can reach his target with great accuracy and supersonic speed during reenterning.

SS-27 Topol M picture

Russia is now playing with State Capitalism with his great state company recover from fraudulent sells during the Soviet Union Collapse like GAZPROM (controls more than 25% of Gas reserves of the world and a capitalization of $273,000 millions of dollars). The BOOM of RUSSIA economy is not just because the high oil prices also because the born of new telecommunications enterprise, information techs, and more… Even that many outside countries and Democratic organizations says that Russia has lost liberties and now NGO are more close look by FSB (ex KGB) Putin has an approval rate of 70%.

Another example of Innovating weapons is the Su-33 Super FLANKER, Missile complex S-300 capable of destroying Tomahawk missiles and ultimate generation aircrafts, MIG MFI 4th generation aircraft with STEALTH Plasma capabilities and of course Mig-29 that is still far better than American fighters (F-16 and F-15). Minister of Defense Ivanov says: “Russia need those weapons as tools not for war but as tools for preserving his National Interest”

Russia its also retaking all his interest in ex Soviet Asia, in Uzbekistan it order the government to expel the US troops that where using a Airstrip base

Russia is now Protecting some interest in Iran with China.


Russia Reinvented Empire

Gazprom in the world

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

USA a Weak & Wounded Empire

US has a lots of problems now…. and with a weaken economy and industry the problem is worse... but this got worst just because the Texas Cowboy well know as W. BUSH. After World War II country all US companies where the best and was on top of production of all the world, now they have poor efficiency and production, a great example is the car industry now US only have 2 of 10 world car industries FORD & GMC (both with a great debts).

Even with that the country has a great power on IMF (International Monetary Fund) and WTO (World Trade Organization) both promote the free flow of investment & Commerce (and money) around the world, but this is very bad for the EMPIRE because it became very dependant of money from outside to finance the MEGA DEBT that grow at rate of $1.74 mil millions of Dollars since September 30 2005 and now its $8,386,272,505,202.03 Trillions of Dollars. The other great danger of US economy is the housing market bubble that would collapse and make recesion worst, most US citizen has mortage and today that exceed $1 trillion of dollars

Even that most of XX century was dominated by them this could not be achieve this new Century because the new players like China, India and the reborn from ashes of Russia BEAR.

This would be the great legacy of Cowboy BUSH for his 8 years Imperial Presidency.

KARL MARX says “the system makes his own destruction”

US National debt Clock growing everyday link:



Congress set Debt limit to $9 trillion

Housing Market Bubble Would explode soon

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fight for the Artic Treasures

Many countries are beginning the fight for Artic Treasures some studies says that it has a ¼ of Gas Reserves and nearly 40,000 millions of Oil, the best is that there is a route to shorten the distance between London and Tokio from 23,000 km to 16,000 km.

At September 2005 the frozen region was 5.3 millons of km2 of 14 millions of km2 at this rate by 2015 there would be no more ice in the Zone. Look at the map left size was the artic on 1978 and right is Artic on 2005.

UN doesn’t have any method for country reclamation for this zone but there is a legislation that says that State Zone is 370 km from his coast but if the show that there is a natural continental plataform connected to the main land it would reclaim the zone that’s why now the governments are trazing new maps to reclaim it before 2009 when the time expires.

Another example of how Global warming is changing our World!!!

here I put again the Picture of Crazy Cowboy BUSH when ppl ask him: Sir where is the Artic????


California-Sized Area of Ice Melts in Antarctica

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007

To all My reader and hope next year you can continue reading and visiting my blog