Friday, June 22, 2007

US munitions dumped at SEA

Today these topic appear again as one of the most popular at DIGG, it tells how the US Army has been dumping chemical weapons to the sea since 1946, the Army admit that secretly dumped 64 millions pounds of Nerve and mustard agents, 400,000 chemical filled bombs and 500 tons of radioactive materials.

They also did the same with Chemical weapons of Nazi Germany and Japanese but those were dumped in their seas.

MAP of US Dumping Areas (HQ map here)

On 1958 they sinked a ship off the coast of San Francisco that was filled with 301,000 mustard gas bombs.

1987: hundred of dolphis appear on Virginia and New Jersey with burns similar to mustard gas exposure.

This represent a real danger to sea life and human cuz maybe all the package present some corrosion and there maybe having leaks


All you want to know about US dumping site in the World

Munitions dumping at Sea

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