Wednesday, June 06, 2007

G-8 and Global Warming

Angela Merkel with NGO's and U2 Bono

This week would be the Anual meeting of G-8 now is the turn of Germany to be the host of this important meeting, the global scene has some turmoils like Irak War and the ABM shield on Europe that LOCO Cowboy Bush doesnt represent any danger to Russia.

German Cancellor Angela Merkel make the Global Warming and CO2 emission control a top priority in these meeting, cuz if the soaring trend of CO2 continue this century we will not have more Artic or Greenland ICE, those 2 regions holds 98% of the fresh water of Earth.

Mobs walking to G-8.

Girl Power!!! On Deutschland

USA and China produce 22% and 16% of CO2 emissions, these 2 countries are reluctant to apply any program to reduce their emission they only gave some ideas but nothing concrete about the problems.

Maybe W. Bush would said mm Global Warming is a threat to Democracy, CO2 Emissions is an idea of Osama and Al Qaeda, and China we'll make a system to cover opps control emission...

Bitte Lachen ;), Clowns armies against Polizei

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