Saturday, June 23, 2007

CIA Dirty laundry

CIA Director Michael Hayden decided to made public nearly 30 years of CIA documents, that tell a lot of dark operation around the world, the most famous operation assanitation plot of Fidel Castro (maybe now they have a plan to kill Hugo Chavez), wiretaping and spionage of various citizens of USA.

He is releasing lots of documents so the "american citizens knows what has be done in their name". Most of the documents are very dirty but its the CIA history

Some things CIA made in the past:

CIA-funded testing of American citizens, "including reactions to certain drugs."

The "very productive" 1963 wiretapping of two columnists -- Robert Allen and Paul Scott -- whose conversations included talks with 12 senators and six congressmen.

Assassination plots of foreign leaders (Dominican Dictator), including Fidel Castro.


CIA to Air Decades of Its Dirty Laundry

CIA airs decades worth of spy documents

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