Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another US Carrier arrive on Persian Gulf

Last friday USS enterprise joined the US fleet sorrounding the Persian gulf, making plans for the attack that Dick Cheney has been planning long time ago...he promise on may that 4 carriers would be ready to the attack.

USS Stenis and Nimitz are already there making the largest aircraft and sea deploy of all times, Cheney wants to ignite the conflict puting lots of US Navy ships there so for Iran would quite easy to sink one of them so USA would be a victim with full right to NUKE Iran, those are the secret plans of the crazy Cheney...after the attack the Salvation army opps I mean Halliburton would be ready to reconstruct the country and Cheney would get some dollars of that...and some OIL of course

Israel IAF is also ready to attack the "EVIL" Iran making some exercises with their aircrafts, if these rogue country attack it would start a nuclear arm race on the region to have deterrence from attack of Israel or the US Empire.

Israel F-16

USA is pushing EU to cancel nearly $22 billions dollars in loans to Iran


Enterprise Joins Fleet Near Iran

ISRAEL IAF preparing for Iran strike

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