Monday, June 18, 2007

China, Africa and OIL .(and USA)

Africa means 30% of Oil to Chinese big growing economy that also became the 2nd largest importer of Oil with 6.5 millions barrels a day, Chinese has a very effective way of getting the oil using their $1.3 trillions dollars reserves, they are giving lots of money to the continent and building lots of school, roads and other things to help this poor continent.

Last year China closed great contract with Nigeria (USA provider) to take control of 45% of a big Oil deposit, at the end of 2006 China give loans to Nigeria, Angola and Mozambique for $8,000 millions of Dollars, in contrast World Bank only gave $2,300 MOD, best of all is that Chinese loans doesn’t have special rules like open the market to USA or privatize this and this…

The conflict on Darfur is for Human rights and genocide incited by USA just to get OIL, they are giving tactical training and WEAPONS to Chad and Ethiopia to get Sudan cut in 2 states and they would control the Oil rich of course, with that conflict USA want full MILITARY access of UN so they can protect the Oil opps Innocent people from there; SUDAN has received $15,000 MOD from China and it gives them 8% Oil china needs.

AFRICA Oil & Gas Reserves, Here a bigger picture

On 2006 Chinese represents visit all the continent searching for Oil contract and secure the Oil Fountain that Africa represent today.

Controlling Darfur means having a US base to secure the Horn of Africa and the transit of most of the Oil, US company began exploring for Oil on the continent on 1970’s but they decide to abandon project cuz the Regional conflicts, now Chevron (back by Condi Rice) has a big pipeline of $3.6 billion dollars to transport 160,000 Barrels a day from Chad to the Atlantic ocean Refineries to be shipped to USA.


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