Monday, June 04, 2007

ISRAEL Nuclear Rogue State


Even before Israel foundation they were a Terrorist state, taking the position we make this attack to end the British occupying forces, and then they continue this police now with the Palestine people, expelling them from their lands and destroying all they have, today they are building a big WALL to divide them and keep them away from cities.

DIMONA NUCLEAR PLANT Where Israel Nuke Bomb Born

Israel has always been a rogue state ignoring all UN resolutions nearly 46, always protected by USA, the last resolution was when they invaded Lebanon with the pretext: “we are searching for some soldiers that were kidnapped”, after his armies we’re defeated they withdraw from there. This state has total support of US NEOCONS, Israel destroy the stability of the region by obtaining NUCLEAR WEAPONS and no one was able to stop them, it is suppose today they have 200 nuclear warheads.

During the last months they have been using credits from USA to buy new weapons to be prepare for the attack against IRAN, they have been testing flight to Gibraltar in order to prepare for an attack like the one in 1982 against Irak nuclear reactor…but this time they are not against a weak force Iran has better Air defenses system capable of repel a strike of Jewish forces.


Negev Nuclear Research Center

Israel and weapons of mass destruction

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