Monday, December 18, 2006

Icebergs would meltdown this century

The great problem of Earth is the Global Warming if these continue Icebers would meltdown and the see level would rise, all of these matter was presented in the G-8 summit in 2005, it seems that UK put that in Top priorities

Since 1900 the world temperature has risen 0.6ยบ C if we reach a level of 3 C then the change of the global environment would be a total disaster, and that would that Iceberg meltdown would affect water salinity of world oceans killing algas & other sea plants that absorb CO2 from atmosphere. 70% of the drinkable water is in the Artic some scientific says that there are 150 trillions of liters of water there or nearly 3 months of water consumptions of USA

The Artic loose 152 Km2 of ice every year that means a rise of 0.4 milimeters every year in the sea level

If would loose that Water Reserve in the near future more than 2800 million people would suffer escasez from water

Nowadays atmosphere have 381 parts per million of Carbon dioxide (2005 Data from NOAA) against 275 pats per million when the Industrial Revolution began in XIX century.

That would be the FACE of Bush if they ask him:

Sir what would u do about Global Warming???

Bush: WHAAAT … I don’t know what u r talking about

Warming to Raise see leveles on the next 1000 years

This link show a map of how the rise in the sea level would affect Florida

Top 10 Surprising Results of Global Warming

California-Sized Area of Ice Melts in Antarctica


If all Iceland Ice melts the Sea Level would rise 7 meters, the lost of all Antarctic Ice would rise sea level 65 meters

Many of Scientific research state that in 2050 1 million of species (plants, Insects and animals) would be extinct

USA is the biggest polluting country in the World it produce 1/4 of greenhouse gases and it only have 5% of world population

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