Thursday, May 17, 2007

Irak for SALE

A great Documentary video about how the PRIVATE CONTRACTORS (Halliburton 18.5 billions of dollars, Blackwater, Parsons) are gettings billions of dollars out of Irak just for services to the US Army. There are nearly 100,000 private contractors employees on Irak right now. All that companies close to the HAWKS that are now in the goverment, and nobody do anything.

but all these million dollars contract could not be achieve if u dont have contact with the right people in the govement, the most clear example of these is BLACKWATER a private company that gives protection services using mercenaries that have grown nearly 600%. And the worse is that the use torture on innocent people, ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY AND OIL.

ONE FACT Halliburton Stock price before Irak War $9.79, and now at the end of 2006 only $41.98 how about thaT?

other winning companies are TITAN (linguist) and CACI.

A Robert Greenwald film)

Carter: Bush's presidency has been 'worst in history'

Blackwater Mercenary army on IRAK

U.S. Embassy in Iraq to Be Biggest Ever

US GI are no long believers of VICTORY ON IRAQ

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