Thursday, May 03, 2007

USA Military Power Today

Even that USA has military hegemony in all the World, his ABSOLUTE POWER is DENY, for the only reason that more countries are getting Nuclear Weapons (Iran, India, North Korea, Pakistan), even that USA spend $500,000 Million Dollars a year they are not protected at 100%, and this was show by the primitive attack of September 11 (9-11).

Just because the arrogance of USA government they are isolating more and more from the world, since they began ignoring UN resolutions; thing are getting worse because NEOCONS (Cheney, Rice, Wolfwitz) in the government only search for Oil and Profits and they don’t care how many people they have to eviscerate or countries to destroy just to get the MONEY. With all that mighty power they haven’t make peace and normal life on Irak and now they call them “VIETNAM 2” NO WIN SITUATION, the people of Irak want to end all the havoc bring by the invaders. US embassy in Irak is the biggest ever, that only means USA came to stay in Irak as long as they have OIL of course

Soldiers Admit: War is lost in Irak

Blackwater USA Mercenary ARMY on Iraq

Carter: Bush's presidency has been 'worst in history'

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