Monday, May 28, 2007

Future Wars of USA

Even that USA is a military and economic Superpower his economic mighty continue to erode very fast, and his military power is disperse in all the World (Korea, Irak, Afganistan) and more than 130 countries between soldiers and military advisors.

US is still trying to make some small wars to weaken his closest Rivals (China – India), with India it can trigger a conflict with Pakistan for Cachemira and with China renegade Taiwan with a new president that want to give the island an Independent character, Bush says that if China invade it would make all necessary to protect it. But of course they don’t forget his old “enemy” Russia, the one that began to retake all the Power and influence lost at the collapse of the Soviet Union.

USA is making a containment strategy around Russia inviting ex soviet states members of NATO like the Baltic States, some US organization (NGO's) are only making new revolutions like the one on Ukraine to make puppet regimes that serve to Empire business and interest. Today that "Puppet" Regime of Ukraine is trying to station the Army on Kiev, and disolve the parlament.


USA Capitalist (Gangsters) Wars through the world

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