Friday, May 25, 2007

MP3 players why the battery is dead

The best gadget now I think is the MP3 PLAYER everyone is hanging out with one of these today and its very cool cuz it makes a trip more funny and u can take most of ur music in those lil’ gadgets.

Bad thing is the battery doesn’t have a good time life and sometimes u buy a BRAND (apple creative) just because it says NOW WITH LONG LIFE BATTERY, I was reading an article that the battery run out of power most of the times because special features like DSP (Digital Sound Processing), Display light, Volume level, and most of times the quality of the Mp3 (KBPS) if the mp3 has more quality it would take more power to decode it (a normal level is 128 kbps), and other factor that reduce the level of power is RANDOM PLAY.

If u have small mp3 player is better to buy rechargeable batteries u would spent less money and save


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