Thursday, March 29, 2007

Attack on IRAN APRIL

Some Russian News agency has been saying that the attack agains IRAN should come on the first week of april (RIA NOVOSTI), just because it's a special religious day of Islamic culture, and also Russian Military intelligence has been spotting with satellites a large build up of troops and ABM systems along the border of Iran.

Also US fifth fleet is making some "exercises" all this week, also some British troops were captured while invading Iranian waters so the WAR GAME of Bush is coming.

The military action agains Iran would be very hard 4 USA 'cuz now the have TOR M-1 missile system capable of shutdown a Tomahawk or other aircraft of USA, so the would not go without any casualty. Iran is capable of giving weapons to more than 1,000.000 people with some military training, and also their people has a strong patriotic feeling capable of facing an invading force only interested on OIL.

Aircraft carrier group on Persian Waters


News about possible USA Attack

What is US. Navy strategy against anti-ship missile threat from Iran?

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