Sunday, April 01, 2007


Found this facts looking on Google Earth, NSA (National Security Agency) One of the largest facilities of its kind in the world, the 183,000-square-foot complex is located on a 25-acre site at the NSA (National Security Agency) Headquarters at Fort Meade. It's suppose they are in control of most of the KH-11 Spy Satellites.

The tightly secured complex features administrative offices, support areas, and 78,000 square-feet of raised flooring for data processing and supercomputer support.

The building required 10,000 cubic yards of building concrete and approximately one mile of high-voltage ductbank. The utilities serving the facility feature built-in redundancy and include a 13.8-KV underground electrical service with a total capacity of 29 million volt amperes.

The equipment installation consisted of three 2,000-ton chillers, two 1,000-ton chillers, and 7,000 linear feet of pipe. There is also a 500-kw emergency generator.

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