Sunday, March 11, 2007

Baikonur World Biggest Spaceport

This place is where humanity began their Space Conquest, is located in Kazajastan with an extension of 5500 km2, their original porpoise was to test ICBM´s.

Years later it became the main Space Base of Soviet Union Space Program, nowadays is the place where all Soyuz capsules are launch to ISS (International Space Station). After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia began paying RENT for using the place.

Launch of Vostok from Baikonur

This center can launch different types of rockets like Proton-K, Rokot, Soyuz-U, Molniya-M, Tsyklon-2, y Zenit, it has 8 launching platforms.

This launching center also have:

Oxygen and Nitrogen Production plant,

2 airports

470 km of train railways

1281 km highways

6610 km communications lines

360 km of pipelines

Nowadays French & USA companies are investing lots of money to update Space port for operations to ISS and launching new types of satellites

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