Thursday, March 01, 2007


President Lula from Brazil has a new plan to “sell” the Amazons Jungle to enterprises, Brazil is going to put in public sell nearly 5.000.000 Km2 and could be exploted for “only” 40 years, main reason for doing that is that most of the land is being taken illegally by people. Brazil is going to get lots of money for sustainable exploit of the jungle and maybe they can discover some new natural medicines, the project is base in terms like Sustainable, protection of biodiversity and the protection of woods.

AMAZONS facts (EARTH lung)

Jungle is on 9 countries and reaches 9.000.000 km2

Even today it has a lot of uncategorized animals and 2.5 millions of insects

1 square kilometers of jungle has 75,000 types of trees and 150.000 different plants

This jungle lost nearly 19.000 km2 every year

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