Sunday, February 25, 2007

US military power useless

Even that USA has Global Military hegemony the absolute power that Bush is searching with his policies is IMPOSSIBLE because more and more countries continue searching and getting Nukes (India, China, North Korea, Iran??). US spends nearly $500,000 millions of dollars even with that they are not protected at 100% and that was prove during the primitive attacks of 9-11 the government continue to inflict more paranoia in the people to rise the military budget.

Nowadays the World is more connected because Globalization and UN is trying to protect the weak countries but a country like USA (all mighty) doesn’t care about UN resolution and invades IRAK.

Now USA government is full of old “HAWKS” like Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld (bye bye) and they only search for interest (OIL) at any cost no matter destruction of towns and torture of people, and maybe they are preparing the next attack against IRAN that says “YES THIS COUNTRY HAVE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION (LIKE IRAK??) The world now knows that North Korea maybe have 10 nukes but US doesn’t want to invade ‘cuz they don’t have any interest there.

With his mighty and all powerful ARMY, US can’t bring peace in IRAK nor oil extraction like in Saddam times, this battlefield is now call VIETNAM 2 last month (November 2006) US reach nearly 4 soldiers KIA (kill in action) every day. People of Irak are like the Vietcong with the only idea in his mind to expel the INVADER from his homeland.

And now US is concerned about how much money China is spending on their ARMY the world is concerned about how much money US spend on weapons and destruction.


US embassy in IRAK the biggest ever



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