Tuesday, October 09, 2007

US debt now 10 trillions

Last week of september US Congress aproved to raise the National Debt to $9.815 trillions of dollars, that would be a debt of $30,000 to every house in the US. Maybe the Congress is crazy or something cuz no one sees what is happening and the debt is going to explode when its reach the red line $10 trillions, only one Senator (Kent Conrad) said something against Bush Regime, that the debt exploded when Bush decide to cut most of US taxes (with the believe that is going to have the same effect as 20 years ago when Reagan did the same).

THe US dollar is collapsing and loosing value everyday against Euro and YEN, another big problems is USA loaners like Japan (600 billions of USA debt in their hands), and China (400 billions)


U.S. $10 trillion in the red

US National debt clock growing everyday

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