Wednesday, October 24, 2007


ABM Diagram

This week Bush insisted that Europe (EU) need the ABM system to protect against an inminent attack of Iran (on 2015 very close), and that the threat is very real (just like Saddam WMD), but in Prague Robert Gates said that the construction of the ABM is in jeopardy (he didnt said why??) and that US would present the real proof that an Iranian attack on Europe is very real (I dont know why cuz Europe is the main partner of that country and buyer of Iranian Oil) Hope they dont give some Photshops pictures like Colin Powell did on UN summit where he show some proofs that Saddam was making WMD some months before the Illegal invasion of Irak...maybe the reason that ABM is on Jeopardy is that the Neo Conservative goverment of Poland lost the past elections and they dont know if the new Prime Minister would continue with the same game of the old Prime Minister.

another big news was that Fidel Castro made an statement saying that Bush could spark the 3rd World War if he launches a nuclear attack on Iran, and some hours later Dana Perino said that Castro says a lot of crazy thing like Dictators and that USA would accelerate the process of Democracry on Cuba and help the poor people of Cuba.

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