Friday, October 19, 2007

Pentagon New Weapons


DDX firing rail gun

US Military industrial complex is the entity that invest more in new technologies so they can get more effective and intelligent weapons for the future, the most recent idea that change the way they hunt enemies was to put Hellfire missile to UAV Predator.

But the most advance and state of the art weapon is to put weapons on satellites with Rail Guns (Gauss Weapon) that can shoot a 40 pounds projectile at Mach 7, and can travel up to 200 miles and obliterate a target, that projectile would not need explosive they would be effective only with kinetic energy of the impact. The cost of munition of that weapon would be smaller than 1 million Tomahawk.

Satellite weapons would be available maybe beyond 2015.

Also known as RODS Of GOD

RODS of GOD Satellites

These weapon would be also on the Destroyer DDX that would run using Permanent Magnet Motor technology.

Another NEW weapon would be the laser gun that US Air force plan to put on a 747 plane to shoot down enemy missiles.

Future C-130 with Laser Gun


Airborne laser weapon stays on course - -

POPSCI Pentagon new weapon Space-launched darts that strike like meteors


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Acidic Sports said...

With the oil price shooting up the roof rapidly, the U.S. foresee a global crisis to balance the demand and supply.

In near future, I am not surprised the definition of democracy will be re-written where those with military might will rule the globe.

The rail gun works like an angel/evil shooting arrows from above the sky.