Monday, April 30, 2007


Just before Windows VISTA came out a lot of Information Technology expert says that the system sucks
and it has a lot of error (like all windows versions), and now Im reading that VISTA came with a lil' surprise from Microsoft it is call DRM (DIGITAL RIGHT MANAGEMENT) this are used to make sure what type of Multimedia the system is playing (videos, mp3, DVD, etc.), worst part of this is if u r making a HOME DVD artificily makes the system not to put the best quality, all of these is made with system memory so ur computer would be more slow.

The real porpouse of these is that Microsoft is trying to impose its Digital Format to Hollywood and make a bigger monopoly, with that it would be the King of Entertainment in the XXI century, first one of said about that was Steve Jobs (APPLE) with Itunes, nowadays he is control of most of the legal business of mp3. Hope someone make something about that and STOP MICROSOFT also I leave a nice Marketing PROMO of Microsoft to boost up VISTA.

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