Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cellular a Multiuse Device

In Europe many countries are starting using cell phones as an intelligent card to pay the Bus like in Hanau, Germany & in London “touch & GO” in Caen France they have another use to pay for food in the stores. All of these works with a chip call NFC (Near Field Communication) to use u only need to put it near the reading terminal put ur Password and transfer the money. Japan is the most advance country in the world having cell more than 10 million cell phones with these chip.

In Malasia VISA & Nokia are in a joint venture to put in practice the next generation of credit cards its call "Mobile Visa Wave Payment Pilot" 200 costumers can use it and pay in more than 2500 outlets and stores

The only problem to solve about this technology is: what would happen if u r cell run out of battery and u don’t have any money, what happen if u someone stole ur money hacking ur cell

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