Sunday, December 03, 2006

Castro and the US Embargo

Spain Expresident Aznar wrote a book call “Retratos y Perfiles in there he said that Castro Goverment is stronger just because the US Embargo, and it only made the people more patriotic and loyal to Castro for nearly 46 years

The embargo is an unilateral way of Imperialism of USA just to recover Cuba and use it again as tropical LAS VEGAS, another result of embargo its that new Cuban generations have more Hate 2 USA

Again the UN made a state about EMBARGO and says its illegal but the US is not going to 2 do NADA, they think that Embargo would make Cuba Free of Communism and bring the Holy Democracy

I think Bush has to make the same as In Irak Tell all the people: I'm gone save the ppl of CUBA and bring freedom and democracy

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