Monday, November 26, 2007

Russia Slams US ABM proposal

This past weekend Russia say that the US proposal of ABM is getting cloudier every day, now Americans went to Moscow to talk about it but this time they didnt talk about joint personal in the proposed bases (Poland & Czech Rep) neither about some inspections of Russians in the sites, Russia reacted and said that they are going to abandon the CFE treaty cuz other members (UE) doesnt comply with it and Russia indeed reduce most of their conventional forces, so DUMA said that Russia formally would abandon the treaty by December 12.

On November 21, President Putin told Strategic Nuclear Force to be ready against any Agression against the Motherland, he remarked how NATO is getting closer to his borders everyday against agreements that were signed after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He said
"We cannot allow ourselves to remain indifferent to the obvious 'muscle-flexing',"

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