Thursday, November 01, 2007

Russia New Weapons

SKAT Russian new UAV


After the collapse of USSR Russia is back like a Phoenix rebirth from ashes thanks to Vladimir Putin and Oil MONEY, and Russia Military Industrial Complex has money and a lot of new ideas for weapons

To FACE USA ABM system on Europe they tested a new short range missile call Iskander K (R-500) with an error to the target of only 30 meters it can reach an speed of 250 m/s, can take evading actions.

Iskander E

Another anti ABM weapons RS-24 ICBM (Topol M MIRV version) it can take 10 nuclear warheads its mainly intended to replace SS-19 and SS-18 Satan (world most powerful ICBM in the world). Every warhead can maneuver during reentry and evade ABM.

RS-24 testing by May 2007

Also to face and destroy US stealth planes like the RAPTOR, USA is developing 5th generation aircraft call PAK FA (Su-50) its unclear what type of Stealth technology they are going to use (plasma or radar absorbing tech). this plane would replace in the near future Mig-29 and Su-27.

PAK FA Artist conception

Space Weapons yes of course they have been working on that since 1980’s when Reagan proposed (and failed) to make an space ABM, USSR project was called POLYUS or SkifDM an space battle built using space modules ZARYA (used today on ISS), their main weapons was space mines, laser cannon and Stealth technology. This Soviet station was 122 feet long and

14 feet (diameter), weight 80 tons. Official Soviet statements tell that they failed to put the Station on orbit and it fell onto the Pacific Ocean, they have the technology they only need to revive it.

Polyus Launch on May 1986

Polyus Diagram

Another weapon for submarine warfare the SHKVAL (VA-111) WORLD deadlist and fast torpedo of the world, it was development since 1977, USA try to steal it on 1999 but failed, it can reach 200 knots, none of today Navies can stop it, it can reach super speed cuz they manage to create an elliptical bubble that makes supercavity reducing water friction.

This just a small view of the new weapons Russia are building to face the continue aggressions of NATO, but there more be more special weapons.

R-500 capable of destroying any ABM

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