Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Russia is BACK, The New World Order

Now that Russia has the 2nd biggest Money Reserves in the word just because the sky high oil Prices (Energetic Empire) it began paying all this debts with Paris Club (most of the debt from Soviet Times) and after the speech of Camarade Vladimir Putin about State of the Union he told that Russia would began a huge modernization of the Army to prevent other states forcing Russia to stop his interest, with that Russia will not began a new Arms Race like in Soviet Times it would invest in Innovation a clear example is the new ICBM SS-27 TOPOL (mobil) capable of evading any ABM system like the one US is developing, that missile can reach his target with great accuracy and supersonic speed during reenterning.

SS-27 Topol M picture

Russia is now playing with State Capitalism with his great state company recover from fraudulent sells during the Soviet Union Collapse like GAZPROM (controls more than 25% of Gas reserves of the world and a capitalization of $273,000 millions of dollars). The BOOM of RUSSIA economy is not just because the high oil prices also because the born of new telecommunications enterprise, information techs, and more… Even that many outside countries and Democratic organizations says that Russia has lost liberties and now NGO are more close look by FSB (ex KGB) Putin has an approval rate of 70%.

Another example of Innovating weapons is the Su-33 Super FLANKER, Missile complex S-300 capable of destroying Tomahawk missiles and ultimate generation aircrafts, MIG MFI 4th generation aircraft with STEALTH Plasma capabilities and of course Mig-29 that is still far better than American fighters (F-16 and F-15). Minister of Defense Ivanov says: “Russia need those weapons as tools not for war but as tools for preserving his National Interest”

Russia its also retaking all his interest in ex Soviet Asia, in Uzbekistan it order the government to expel the US troops that where using a Airstrip base

Russia is now Protecting some interest in Iran with China.


Russia Reinvented Empire

Gazprom in the world

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