Monday, February 18, 2008

KOSOVO Independence

Finally they got what they want Independence, but the way the made it is ILLEGAL and Unilateral, but who cares when USA is backing u???, for Russia and China its very dangerous cuz it can ignite some frozen conflicts in their countries, Spain said a NOOOO!!!, Kosovo "urge" nearly 192 countries 2 give their blessing 2 the new country

Kosovo is a MAFIA state that sell illegal weapons, DRUGS and the "president" is linked 2 AL Qaeda and other crazy islamics movements, USA knew it before the 1999 Balcans Wars but these all part of the big plan of USA they already have a massive base call CAMP BONDSTEEL to protect some new oil pipes and other geopolitics interest of the empire

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ylli_95 said...

You don't now anything about KOSOVO they are the best people of the world they aren't like a mysliman of Iraq... like you said they are mysliman and they are bad no no no no no you are wrong they are good mysliman and the president is the best president of ballakn. You don't Now anything about Kosovo, read the history for more.Ylli Zejnullahu, Kosovo