Wednesday, August 22, 2007

50 years of Sputnik

sergei Korolyov

October 4 1957 marks the begging of SOVIET UNION space conquest and when the put in orbit the SPUTNIK (1st artificial satellite) that date also marks the beginning of space race with their NEMESIS United States, the Genius that made all that possible was Sergey Korolyov mastermind of the R-7 Ballistic Missile (main purpose was to send Nukes 2 USA),

the best achievement of the program was to send the 1st man to space the Comrade YURI GAGARIN (april 12 1961)…all of these victories was used by the government as great success of the Soviet World.

Some of the best achievements of the soviets were

First women in Orbit Valentina Tereshkova

First probe send to the moon

First probe landing in VENUS VERENA 3

First probe landing and sending data to earth MARS 3

Yuri Gagarin

Space race began with the heritage of NAZIS rockets V-1 & V-2 both captured by Allies and Soviets, both were searching for the scientist, the great prize holly COW was captured by USA Werner Von Braun he would design 20 years later Saturn 5 that would take NASA to the moon.

The worst of the Soviet program was that Korolyov was never shown to the public for being the man behind of the Space Program; he never was allow to leave the Soviet Union to take the Nobel prize for putting a man on Space, his biggest program was the Moon rocket N-1 (100 meters long and can put 95 tons in orbit) these HUGE machine was too complex in design using lots of fabrics to make parts… Korolyov dies in 1966 and he couldn’t finish his masterpiece. The design was tested 2 times but fails so the USA won the space race to moon.

N-1 Hangar

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