Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Su-37 "Super Flanker" Best Russian Aircraft

Since 1996 that Russia introduce Su-37 Super Flanker or Terminator Sukhoi Bureau became the best Aicraft Company in the world it can surely beat F-16 & F-15 without any problem, making very complicated Maneuvers like Super Cobra this move, the aircraft enters with a speed of 400 kmh and is pulled through to an alpha of 135 deg, then recovered to the vertical and held in place for 4-6 seconds. The nose is then allowed to fall to the horizontal position, emerging at 150kmh with no loss of height.

The Su-37 can carry air-to-air and air-to-surface weapons on 12 stations. The number of missiles and bombs carried can be increased to 14 with the use of multi-payload racks.
Su-37 can perform new maneuvers like Cobra because the moving thursters (check the picture) .

some DATA

Wing Span 15.16 m / 49 ft 9 in
Length 21.94 m / 72 ft
Height 6.84 m / 22 ft 5 in
Weight 40,565 lb empty / 74,956 lb max. take off
Engine Two Lyulka AL-37FU vectored-thrust afterburning turbofans, 30,855 lb thrust each
Maximum speed 2,440 km/h / 1,516 mph
Cruising speed
Range 3,500 km / 2,175 miles
Service Ceiling 59,000 ft
Armament One GSh-30-1 30mm cannon, plus up to 18,075 lb including R-73/R-77 AAMs, ASMs, bombs, rockets, drop tanks, and ECM pods carried on fourteen external points
Crew 1
User Countries under development for Russia

Video of cobra


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